After Blatter, FIFA May Get Worse Before It Gets Better
June 03, 2015

Where does international soccer go from here? 

The Menendez Case Proves the Supreme Court Was Naive About Campaign Finance Laws
April 02, 2015

The Citizens United decision looks even more ridiculous now.

Sheldon Silver's Biggest Sin Was What He Did to His Own Neighborhood
February 06, 2015

Sheldon Silver's worst crime may have been against his neighborhood: the Lower East Side.

Mexico's President Must Not Ignore This Mass Grave of College Kids—or the Corruption It Represents
October 10, 2014

43 students were marched to their deaths—by cops acting on orders from above.

When Big Oil Was "The Great Vampire Squid" Wrapped Around America
August 12, 2014

Ralph Nader called Robert Engler "an early bell-ringer" in explaining the political influence of the oil lobby. Read Engler's 1955 award-winning investigation into the oil industry.

Actually, Qatar Has No Business Hosting the 2022 World Cup
July 09, 2014

A professor at Northwestern's campus in Al Rayyan argues that the tournament will bring reform. Now a Northwestern student fires back. 

Should FIFA Be Run Like the Eurovision Contest?
June 13, 2014

A political analyst on how to reform the corrupt World Cup.

The World Cup Is About to Begin, and FIFA's Reputation Has Never Been Worse
June 09, 2014

John Oliver's 13-minute rant is just the latest in a long string of embarrassments.