Countrywide Financial

Is Murdoch Trashing the WSJ's Washington Coverage?
January 15, 2010

One obvious question when Connecticut Senator Chris Dodd announced his retirement last week was what impact it would have on the effort to reform Wall Street. Dodd is chairman of the Senate Banking Committee, and the bill he wrote last year is the most ambitious regulatory initiative pending in Congress.

The Pushback
August 19, 2009

In the wake of the mortgage meltdown, state attorneys general have investigated predatory lending practices and brought major lawsuits against lenders and investment banks that securitized mortgages. Here’s a rundown of the biggest crackdowns and what they’ve achieved.   Perhaps the largest predatory lending settlement in history was reached last October, when the attorneys general of eleven states entered into an $8.68 billion settlement with Countrywide Financial, now owned by Bank of America, for loan modifications and foreclosure relief.

The Irresponsiblity Of Countrywide
December 06, 2007

   The Wall Street Journal is of two minds about how to deal with the ravages of the sub-prime crisis.One of its minds was represented on the op-ed page on Tuesday by Andy Laperriere, managing director of the International Strategy and Investment Group (ISG).  This position is crystallized in a pull-quote: "Taxpayers shouldn't suffer because some people failed to live within their means." Look for a bailout of debt forgiveness that will reach into the hundreds of billions of dollars just when we're avoiding confronting underfunded Social Security and Medicare.obligations  Moreover, people who