May 20, 2015

Generation PTSD: What the "Trigger Warning" Debate Is Really About
8:00 PM

Critics of the "new political correctness" have impulses that are deeply embedded within American culture.  

Hillary Clinton as Feminist Children's Book Hero
3:11 PM

There's a chapter or two that these books tend to leave out. 

Five Centuries After It Kicked Them Out, Spain Welcomes Back Sephardic Jews
1:20 PM

Spain's passport offer to Sephardic Jews raises heated debate in Israel.

One Town Is Going to Try Not Arresting Heroin Users
The police chief of Gloucester, Massachusetts, may change how we handle drug addiction
11:26 AM

The police chief of this coastal Massachusetts town wants to stop arresting users.

May 19, 2015

High Noon, Oaxaca

First published in Spanish in 2004, this Lawrence Ferlinghetti poem appears here for the first time in English.

The Joy of Slow Computing

Turn on, boot up, drop out.

The Man Booker International Prize Goes Global but Lands Back Home
8:00 PM

The winner of the Man Booker International prize elicited both groans and hurrahs from fans of international literature.

The Working Mother in 1926 Was a Lot Like a Working Mom Today

"The problem of the mother in professional work is psychological and social, and is increasing in perplexity and importance."

From Homeless to Hollywood: A New Film Built From a Rough Life
11:45 AM

"I’m about to die right now, and I really want you to be there.” 

A Makeover Story: Homicidal Sexbot Edition
10:24 AM

What Ex Machina tells us about cyber sex appeal.