July 24, 2015

Why Are Vaccination Rates Dropping in America?
2:19 PM

It has to do with the social contract. 

July 23, 2015

The American Actor May Be in Decline. Jake Gyllenhaal Is Most Certainly Not.
3:51 PM

Gyllenhaal delivers another exceptional performance in ‘Southpaw’.

Could "Insight Policing" Have Saved Sandra Bland?
12:27 PM

A new police de-escalation strategy holds promise for defusing tense civilian-cop situations. 

I Brought My Daughter From War-Torn Ukraine to America. That’s When Things Got Complicated.
9:48 AM

After moving from Ukraine to New York, the author learns how quickly children adapt. 

July 22, 2015

E.L. Doctorow's Novels About American History Changed the Future of Fiction
9:06 AM

Doctorow was more than a fiction writer. He was a bridge to an older America.

Sandra Bland Never Should Have Been Arrested
8:51 AM

A new video shows she knew her rights, and paid for it.

July 21, 2015

The Limits of Gawkerism
10:17 AM

Can the website’s ideology survive its worst crisis yet?

How Joan Didion Became the Ultimate Literary Celebrity
10:09 AM

It’s been years since The White Album. But our interest in Joan Didion’s personal life—and her personal belongings—has only grown.

July 20, 2015

How the Internet Outgrew Gawker
5:44 PM

The internet has changed, and so have we. Where does Gawker fit in now? 

#BlackLivesMatter Co-Founder: “We Are In a State of Emergency”
5:29 PM

Patrisse Cullors speaks about Sandra Bland, the 2016 race, and the Netroots Nation protest.