April 30, 2014

Ivy Leaguers Twice as Likely as Other Students to Use Drugs as Study Aids
6:03 PM

Approximately one in five students at an Ivy League college misuses a prescription stimulant to get ahead academically.

April 29, 2014

The Conservative Case Against Piketty Is Shockingly Weak
11:31 PM

Economist warns of consequences from yawning inequality. Conservatives respond: We need to teach tolerance... for inequality. 

Everyone Is Asking the Wrong Questions About E-Cigarettes
8:00 PM

The most important factor is whether they're healthier than traditional cigarettes.

Q&A: The Life of Journalists on an Assassin's Hit List
8:00 PM

The New Republic Interview with Mohammed Hanif

Could Donald Sterling Halt the Sale of the Clippers?
6:08 PM

Will Sterling put up a fight in the courts? And if so, does he have a case?

A Guide to Dealing With NYC Tourists
With the involuntary help of a social anthropologist
5:56 PM

If tourists are getting you down, try a scholar-approved technique like "hiding" or "fencing."

Racist NBA Owner Donald Sterling Has Been Banned for Life. But This Story’s Only Just Begun.
3:43 PM

In banning racist Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling for life, NBA commissioner Adam Silver staked his claim to the league and did right by his players.