May 16, 2014

Protesting Your Commencement Speaker Is an Exercise of Free Speech, Not a Rejection Of It
10:50 AM

Why we should applaud students who reject their schools' commencement speakers.

May 15, 2014

A Mutable Feast
If Bill Clinton and his doctors can't settle on a diet, what hope is there for the rest of us?
8:00 PM

Even his doctors can't agree on what's healthy, so how are we supposed to figure it out?

Jonathan Safran Foer Is Putting Literature on Chipotle Cups
Here are 7 more authors whose writing should be plastered in public spaces
12:36 PM

We'd love to see what Colson Whitehead could do with a subway wall, or what Joshua Ferriss could tag on corprate elevators. 

May 14, 2014

I Sort of Hope We Find Out That Jill Abramson Was Robbing the Cash Register
Trying to explain a singularly humiliating firing
10:45 PM

Trying to explain a singularly humiliating firing.

Read Emily Dickinson's Most Famous Poems, in Her Own Handwriting
8:00 PM

Emily Dickinson's poetry, more beautiful than you've ever seen it. 

The Last King of the American Middlebrow
Who is Alex Trebek? For starters, he eats Snickers for breakfast and watches Fox News backstage.
7:15 PM

Who is Alex Trebek?

Don't Blame the "Check Your Privilege" Essay-Writer. Blame His Editors.
4:42 PM

Would you want to be judged by what you wrote when you were 20?

Five Great TV Pilots That Became Terrible Shows
3:42 PM

Totally subjective — and completely right.

Women Get Interrupted More—Even By Other Women
3:33 PM

Average interruptions in a man-to-man conversation: one. Average interuptions in a man-to-woman conversation: 2.6.

Photo: Ukrainians Hit With a Hail of Eggs by Pro-Russian Protesters
2:04 PM

If you’re going to have stuff thrown at you, eggs are preferable to rocks. But there are a lot of eggs.