December 31, 2013

Eating Bacteria Could Be the Future of Medicine
10:35 AM

In ten years, you might be eating bacteria from someone else's gut to treat autism or obesity.

December 30, 2013

Billy Joel!?!?
The Kennedy Center Honors are a debauched sham
8:00 PM

It's time to end the worst awards show in America

Hey, Haters: Applebee’s Is Part of What Makes America Great
1:06 PM

Hey, haters: Applebee’s is part of what makes America great

Is This the Reason Mormons in Utah Are Afraid of Gay Marriage?
10:45 AM

Mormons think gays are all about conversion, too

December 29, 2013

'Her' is the Scariest Movie of 2013
8:00 PM

The creepy futurism of Her.

December 28, 2013

Our Ten Most Popular Stories of 2013
8:00 PM

The year's biggest hits, as measured by the internet

December 27, 2013

There Will Never Be a Unified Theory of JFK
What a year of retrospectives missed about the martyred president

What the JFK retrospectives all missed is that JFK was psychologically inconsistent. Only his context explains him.

It's Time to Ditch the Word "Cancer"
A label that misleads patients and helps quacks
6:00 PM

A prominent doctor says that the term is misleading—and makes it harder to keep patients away from quacks.

Cognitive Neuroscientists Find That People Think of Pain When They Hear Champagne
12:07 PM

Linguistst have shown that when you hear the word "champagne," you think of "pain"

Stop Hating Scrooge!
The 'Christmas Carol' curmudgeon is a forward-thinking liberal
8:03 AM

Now that Christmas is safely behind us, and the mob atmosphere of virtue and piety has evaporated; now that, in the post-holiday doldrums, the stacks of wrapping paper have removed themselves to their ghastly translucent plastic bags and the dead tre