July 09, 2014

Brightly Colored Soccer Cleats are Gay, Says Russian Priest
8:30 PM

"Putting pink or light blue cleats on a man" argues Father Alexander, "is like dressing him in a woman's underwear or brassiere."

The Feminist Writer's Dilemma
4:50 PM

Women are encouraged to write about personal experiences—and then dismissed as "confessional."

Why I Hate Argentina
4:24 PM

Remember that time in 1998 that Argentina played the Netherlands? Unforgivable.

Actually, Qatar Has No Business Hosting the 2022 World Cup
3:33 PM

A professor at Northwestern's campus in Al Rayyan argues that the tournament will bring reform. Now a Northwestern student fires back. 

The Open Marriage of True Minds
3:14 PM

Anne Hollander reviews Deidre Bair's Simone de Beauvoir: A Biography.

This Could Still Be the Highest-Scoring World Cup In History
2:35 PM

Five more goals to reach the record, and three more matches to go. Piece of cake, right? 

'Boyhood' Is a Stunning Experiment in Filming Time
1:39 PM

The result perfectly captures the essence of childhood.

Before and After Photos Show How Devastating the Germany Loss Was for Average Brazilians

No rioting, and not much to say—yet—as fans absorb the massacre at the Mineirão 

It's Time to Fix the Very Pale, Very Male Boardroom
12:00 AM

Despite the benefits of diverse leadership, boardrooms and C-suites are still lacking women and minorities. How do we fix it?

July 08, 2014

Americans Think Africa Is One Big Wild Animal Reserve

Delta and 'The Lion King' are part of our long history of stereotyping the continent.