April 24, 2014

Racist Nevada Rancher Cliven Bundy Reveals the Depths of Conservative White Supremacism Denial
10:57 PM

For the right as a whole, Cliven Bundy is symptomatic of a very big problem.

Michael Pineda’s Foul Ball
Why was the Yankees pitcher suspended for breaking a rule that everyone breaks?
3:15 PM

A pine tar controversy provides a peek into the intricate world of baseball's unwritten rules.

'Locke' is the Best New Film of the Year
3:13 PM

Locke is a film in which the locusts and the furies of confusion come to life. Go see it.  

Conservatives Hold the Line, Offer Weak Defense of Racist Rancher As Martyr for Liberty
1:55 PM

I had assumed that Cliven Bundy's lapse into slaver nostalgia would augur the end of his martyr status on the right. But I was wrong.

Piketty's 'Capital': A Hit That Was, Wasn't, Then Was Again
How the French tome has rocked the tiny Harvard University Press
9:56 AM

Here's the story of how a 700-page French economics book topped Amazon—and sent a small publisher scrambling.

April 23, 2014

These Newsreels Tell the History of the 20th Century
4:39 PM

Eighty-five thousand historic newsreels were uploaded to YouTube. The author of The Biographical Dictionary of Films tells you what to watch. 

The Haunting Beauty of Farm Technology
Flyover country has never looked this good
1:43 PM

The hidden beauty in everyday farm objects.

A Rock Star's Brother Made A Documentary. What It Says About Sibling Rivalry.
1:40 PM

Psychologists' studies show that a shared family experience isn’t what makes you similar, it’s what drives you to become unique.

Multilinguals Have Multiple Personalities
1:03 PM

Flipping from one language to another can reveal a whole new you. 

The Myth of Shakespeare
What is the true preeminence of The Bard?
1:01 PM

Shakespeare provides the "golden mean" for which our modern intellectual (nostalgic for support) and our crowding average (nostalgic for good taste) perpetually yearn.