June 12, 2014

Vanity Fair's Donna Tartt Piece Reduces All Literary Criticism to Childish Squabbling
6:30 PM

Other people’s views are not just the product of bad faith.

From the Archives: Roger Rosenblatt Remembers His Father

"My father believed in hats as signs of civilization."

A Prayer for the Goalies and Referees of the World Cup
Let's take a minute to remember the perennial villains of the game.
1:50 PM

But they aren't all bad!

The Real Reason There Were No American Players on the 'Most Compelling Players' List
1:49 PM

The U.S. is the thirteenth ranked team and we picked a total of eleven players, so is it really that shocking that no Americans showed up? 

Why You Should Hate Team USA
Or maybe just American soccer fans
1:48 PM

Why You Should Root Against Team USA in the World Cup

Watching Your World Cup Team Triples Your Chance of Having a Heart Attack
10:06 AM

Watching a stressful game of soccer is almost as bad for your heart as experiencing an earthquake.

Why Has Literature Ignored Soccer?
9:34 AM

Baseball has inspired great literature in part because it's seen as a kaleidoscope of the American Dream; soccer, not so much.

Today and Yesterday
9:13 AM

Charles Wright is the new U.S. Poet Laureate

The Troubling Case of Chris Hedges
Pulitzer winner. Lefty hero. Plagiarist.

Pulitzer winner. Lefty hero. Plagiarist.

June 11, 2014

Why There Is No Such Thing as a Bad World Cup
A philosopher's theory of soccer fandom
10:37 PM

A philosopher's theory of soccer fandom