April 22, 2014

This Infamous Hacker Went to Prison for Trolling AT&T. Now He Wants to Troll Wall Street.
8:00 PM

He went to prison for exposing an Internet security flaw. He says he won't stop—and now wants to profit from doing so.

If That Crazy Nevada Rancher Had Cried Religious Liberty, the GOP Would Have His Back
6:21 PM

Poor Cliven Bundy—his anti-government claptrap didn't impress rule-of-law conservatives. Too bad he didn't follow Hobby Lobby's lead.

Atheists Could Learn a Lot from Religious People About How to Win Debates
1:32 PM

We can turn the tables on these people. They’re the ones making unevidenced claims about reality, not us.

The Most Bizarrely Sexual 'Lolita' Book Covers
12:53 PM

The oversexed, hyper-titillating cover art that's slapped on Lolita is incredibly bizarre—and discomfiting.

Study: Men Don't Last Very Long in Bed—and It Bothers Them More Than Women
12:05 PM

But the strange thing is just who is most bothered by this

April 21, 2014

For Three Years, I Spoke Only Hebrew to My Daughter. I Just Gave It Up. Here's Why.
11:30 PM

Our experiment to raise a bilingual child made me rethink my relationship with my mother's country, and who I really am.

The Politics of Climate Change Stink. That's Why 'Think Globally, Act Locally' Is Back
11:00 PM

This Earth Day, it seems environmental politicking has come full circle

Vladimir Nabokov on the Sins of Translation and the Greatest Russian Short Story

Three grades of evil can be discerned in the queer world of verbal transmigration.