May 08, 2014

Gustave Flaubert Was Not A Realist

Despite what you may have been taught. 

May 07, 2014

Monica Lewinsky Is the Perfect Person to Kick Off the Conversation About Hillary Clinton's Presidency
11:59 PM

The story of the affair is the story of women in the United States: marginalized, sexualized, and pitted against each other.

J Street's Rejection Is a Scandal
8:00 PM

The exclusion of an opinion is not a refutation of it.

My Drive Through the Saudi Desert
8:00 PM

How did I end up driving the five hundred and twenty-five miles from Jeddah to Riyadh with a stranger?

May 06, 2014

Teaching Kids 'Grit' is All the Rage. Here's What's Wrong With It.
The problem with KIPP's character-education model

The problem with the KIPP character-education model—and what it means for adherents of Paul Tough's child-rearing wisdom.

There's a Legal War Over the Definition of Rape
And Tiger Mom's husband has waded right into it

A Yale Law professor wades into a decades-long fight over what we mean when we say "rape."

Check Your Usage of "Check Your Privilege"
The phrase has become a weapon rather than a reminder
12:08 PM

The phrase has become a weapon rather than a reminder.

This Remarkable Collection Retells Classic Short Stories With a Feminist Twist
11:29 AM

Typically it takes bribery to get me to read straight through a short story collection.

Conservative Christians Just Won a Huge Case. Why Won't They Celebrate?
11:17 AM

The Supreme Court just handed down a big victory for social conservatives. But their reaction has been muted. It seems outrage against secular triumphs is more fun than celebrating their own wins.