March 07, 2014

The Science Behind Making Your Very Own James Franco-furter
8:00 PM

A company called Bite Labs has set up a website offering the concept of “Celebrity Meat”, where cultures of cells scraped from famous people are grown, in vitro, before being mixed with cow and pig meat into salami sausages.

Children’s Books Still Promote Gender Stereotypes
8:00 PM

Why do we give books to children? Common answers to that question involve the use of words like “expand”, “open” or “broaden”, followed by “minds”, “hearts”, “horizons” or “imaginations”.

If Your Eyes Are Exhausted, It Might Be the English Language’s Fault
3:22 PM

You don't read Shakespeare in a straight line, and other lessons from eye-tracking research

The Age-Old Connection Between Russia and Ukraine Is Over

In the cafés, in the shops, on the streets of Kiev everyone is asking the one question that matters in one particular way: Will there be war? No one can quite finish the question: Will there be war with Russia?

The New SAT Will Do Away with 'SAT Words,' And That's a Shame
2:08 PM

What will the world be like without "effulgent" and "grandiloquence"? 

Comic Book Convinces Kenyans to Dye Their Chickens Pink
It does good things for education, too.
1:08 PM

It also has good advice about chickens.

"I Think Jeffrey Tambor's Got a Kind of Gender-Queerness"
The Creator of 'Transparent' Talks Amazon, Family Secrets, and TV Sexism
1:07 PM

The creator of Amazon's "Transparent" talks about Jeffrey Tambor's feminine side, watching the Oscars, and the trouble with True Detective.

March 06, 2014

Why You Shouldn’t Tweet About What You’re Giving Up for Lent
6:08 PM

And will probably drive your friends nuts. 

March 05, 2014

Can't Work, Must Chat
Do you gossip too much on Gchat? Blame the open office
8:00 PM

How Internet chat made everyone's jobs impossible.