July 03, 2014

Historians Fought About World War I the Moment It Began. They're Still Fighting.
8:00 PM

From almost the opening shot, the Great War has been fought over by historians wishing to interpret and understand what happened and why. Their conflict is not over yet.

The Limits of Human Domination, in the American West and Beyond

A photographic survey of the many facets of human relationships to the land.

France-Germany Preview: Per Mertesacker Has a Cold
3:14 PM

The two most complete teams in the World Cup meet in Friday's first quarterfinal

“So We Were on This Beach . . .”
2:36 PM

No matter what we do in our lives, we’ll end up as old geezers who no one wants to listen to

Edmund Wilson on Fourth of July Festivities, 1925
2:31 PM

"Hot dogs roasted twenty at a time on an enormous open stove ... "

Barbara Ehrenreich on Richard Ford's 'Independence Day'

"There's real and there's real, and Ford's real is thoroughly innocent of the hyper- and the ir- and the sur-."

The Netherlands' Odds Rise Dramatically in Big Bank's Fancy World Cup Predictions
12:59 PM

If you listen to Goldman Sachs, it's either Brazil or the Netherlands.

Joshua Mehigan’s 'Accepting the Disaster' is The Real Thing
11:01 AM

It is the rare new book of poetry that is entirely alive, entirely aloft.

Impossible Isn't French: Can France Go All the Way this World Cup?

Confidence is high before Les Bleus' showdown with the Germans on Friday