January 10, 2014

The Old Magician
A defense of the late, scolding Tolstoy
9:03 AM

The old magician stands before me, alien to all, a solitary traveler through all the deserts of thought, in search of an all-embracing truth which he has not found—I look at him and, although I feel sorry for the loss, I feel pride at having seen the

Six Dictators' Favorite Books

The literary tastes of dictators are a slightly sordid fascination. Here are the favorite books of a few of our least favorite men.

January 09, 2014

'Girls' Has Grown Up—And Isn't As Funny
How Lena Dunham's show went from a coming-of-age story to a comedy of manners
8:00 PM

This season of "Girls" can feel less Lena Dunham than Larry David.

Internet-Speak is Improving English Because Empathy
The real significance of the new "because"
8:00 PM

The real significance of the new "because."

Hate Awards Season Frenzy? Blame the Golden Globes.
8:00 PM

The Golden Globes kick off the Awards Season frenzy.

The New York Times Redesign Marks the Death of One of the Web's Most Annoying Features
8:00 PM

The New York Times' web redesign dumped the page break—and helped kill off one of the web's most annoying features

'The Wolf of Wall Street': No Moralizing, Great Filmmaking
Capitalist debauchery: It's the American way
5:52 PM

The Great Gatsby was as bad as films come, and a forlorn quagmire for DiCaprio. Now he is redeemed with The Wolf of Wall Street.

This Is What the Average Medical Marijuana User Looks Like
3:34 PM

For starters, they've smoked pot before.

January 08, 2014

Since When Is Philip Roth an Idol?
He went from bete noire to laureate. Why'd we lose track of his flaws?
8:00 PM

In the 1990s, Philip Roth drifted from bête noire to laureate. Why'd we lose track of his flaws?

How to Talk to a 'Brocialist'
8:00 PM

Meet the leftist man with a giant blind spot when it comes to women.