February 06, 2014

The Worst Thing About Piers Morgan Is His Twitter Feed
6:34 PM

The one thing worse than Piers Morgan's CNN show: Piers Morgan's Twitter feed.

The Gender Pay Gap Is Starkest at the Bottom and the Top. Just Ask General Motors' New CEO.

Why accusations that General Motors is short-shrifting its first female CEO hit a nerve.

This New York Times Sex Story Has One of the Best 'To Be Sure' Paragraphs Ever
4:42 PM

"Granted, some might view this study with skepticism..."

Russians Think We're Engaging in Olympic Schadenfreude. They're Right.
12:37 PM

There were booboos in London and Athens (and Atlanta!) too. Why are we so enjoying the ones in Sochi.

Like It or Not, Movie Lovers Are Going to Forgive Woody Allen
10:58 AM

Human beings are fundamentally selfish when it comes to consuming art.

February 05, 2014

Clooney's 'The Monuments Men' Is Dreadful, Smug, and Incoherent
8:00 PM

There is one moment in The Monuments Men that is as sweet and pleasing as a fresh cupcake. It has a charm that is no small thing in the making of movies.

Can This Smartphone App Stop Cyberbullying?
8:00 PM

For all the attention that has been paid to cyberbullying in recent years, no one has come up with a good solution to it. The world of text messages and social media is, to a great extent, unpoliced, giving cyberbullies a feeling of impunity.

What Is Vladimir Putin Staring at in Sochi?
8:00 PM

Unlike another despot known for looking at things, Putin's gaze always seems to fall on objects off-camera.

These Maps of Where You Run Will Also Explain Your City
5:37 PM

The metropolises of the world, as mapped by RunKeeper

Mostly-Naked Man Appears on College Campus. Mostly-Idiotic Controversy Ensues.
5:08 PM

A statue has elicited nervy indignation from Wellesley students. Here's why they're not justified in their discomfort.