July 08, 2014

J.K. Rowling’s New 'Harry Potter' Story Is a Marketing Scam
2:34 PM

When I finally read the story, after surrendering my name, email address, and birth date, I felt a little conned.

World Cup Portfolio: Brazilian Fans Really, Really Love Their Yellow Jerseys

"Babies wear them, silicone-implanted housewives, and old men with walkers, too."

It's a Sorry Year for British Sports, and Not Just at the World Cup

God may still save the Queen, but Britannia has not ruled in 2014

A Tribute to Alfredo Di Stefano, An All-Time Soccer Great
10:41 AM

He never played in a World Cup, but every player there now should salute him.

How Big Data Can Improve People Practices and Policies
12:00 AM

SPONSORED CONTENT: “Know thy client” is a business mantra that companies have sworn by seemingly forever.

July 07, 2014

Every Sport (Including Baseball!) Has Its Version of the Dive

So what exactly is your problem with soccer players who dupe the refs?

Photos: Brazilians Celebrate Bittersweet Victory over Colombia

Matthew Niederhauser's World Cup Photo Diary: Day Twelve

Germany Must Out-Invent Brutish Brazil: A Bizarre-But-True Semifinal Preview
3:33 PM

Unable to rely on muscle–or Neymar–can the hosts survive? 

For U.S. Fans in Salvador, It Was Drinking Games, Dancing, Then Dismay

Introducing Brazil to "flip cups," then drowning the loss to Belgium. 

How Using Emoji Makes Us Less Emotional
2:22 PM

And what linguists say it means if your smiley face has a nose.