June 30, 2014

Shanghai is One of the Greatest Jewish Cities Ever Constructed

It's current success is a function of that history.

Notes on Penalty Kicks and Other Neuroses
2:50 PM

I deplore the penalty shootout.

Ketchup vs. Mayonnaise, and 9 Other Reasons Belgium Doesn't Have a Chance Against the U.S.
1:03 PM

The fabulist patriot's guide to the most important sporting event in American history 

Why U.S. Fans Should Hope for Less from Michael Bradley
11:02 AM

The midfielder is covering way, way too much ground 

Yet Another Reason Why We Should All Stand at Work
12:00 AM

It will help you be more creative.

June 29, 2014

Photos: This Is How Brazilians Reacted When Their Team Won Its Shootout with Chile

Scenes from the FIFA Fanfest in Cuiabá. Matthew Niederhauser's Photo Diary, Day Ten.

This Time, the Dutch Did Not Capitulate in Fortaleza
10:31 PM

The Dutch battle plan wilted in the heat, but Holland exhales into the quarterfinals

James Rodriguez Is the Best Player of This World Cup
8:29 PM

Even if Colombia loses, he's already proved it

Michael Jackson's Personal Photographer Remembers How They Met
8:00 PM

Five years after Michael Jackson death, his personal photographer, Harrison Funk, remembers his friendship with the pop through photos and stories.

Chicago Is Officially the Most Soccer-Drunk City in America. (Which Is Saying Something.)

All respect to Kansas City, New York and LA, but the photos do not lie