July 01, 2014

The Most Moving, Enlightening Novels About World War I
1:00 PM

In honor of its 100th anniversary, a list of the most evocative and profound literature about the Great War.

Interview: Orange Is The New Black's Poussey on Playing the Season's Tragic Heroine
12:00 PM

How the real-life friendship between Poussey and Taystee compares to what's on screen.

Mourning Algeria's Cruel, Beautiful Loss to Germany
10:25 AM

Les Fennecs may have lost, but they reminded us of the joy of the game

The Unknown Master of Color Photography
9:00 AM

These photos look like they were taken yesterday. In fact, they were some of the first color photographs ever taken. 

USA-Belgium Preview: How the USMNT Can Win in 4 Not-So-Easy Steps
8:19 AM

"Not-so-easy" are the key words. But it can happen, if Klinsmann's team does these things.

June 30, 2014

Facebook Did Screw With You, and It Wasn’t Even Worth It
8:46 PM

The worst part about Facebook's studying your data without your consent is that they didn't find anything interesting.

For Me, Birth Control is Medicine First, Contraceptive Second
8:00 PM

Issues other than sex rarely come up when we talk about birth control, but that is only part of the picture. 

El dilema de las transmisiones: Univisión, ESPN y la radio

Soy argentino, pero a veces no puedo ver el Mundial en español

Match Report: On Yesterday's Greek Tragedy

Greece comes to terms with the national team's World Cup exit