May 01, 2014

The Secret Messages Inside Chinese URLs

URLs like mean a lot more than they appear.

Can a Movie Make Josef Mengele Relatable?
8:00 PM

We are in Patagonia, on a road that lasts 300 miles. A family are ready to make the journey in a battered white van—father, mother and three children, and the mother is pregnant again.

David Chase Speaks About ‘The Sopranos’ Ending
And offers nothing but more darkness
4:35 PM

David Chase spoke at a "Sopranos" screening Wednesday night. Yes, he addressed the final scene.

Want People to Trust Your Child? Give Her a Name That's Easy to Pronounce.
3:22 PM

New research reveals that what we're called can influence how smart and trustworthy we seem. 

Banning Sterling Was Good. A Black NBA Commissioner Would Be Much Better.
The NBA's bigger race problem
10:40 AM

Banning Donald Sterling was good. A black NBA commissioner would be much better.

'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' Is a New Low for Hollywood
Welcome to the age of sequels that copy the original
12:00 AM

A New New Low.

April 30, 2014

America's 10 Richest Universities Match These Countries' GDPs

Matching the top 10 endowments with 10 countries' GDPs.

Ivy Leaguers Twice as Likely as Other Students to Use Drugs as Study Aids
6:03 PM

Approximately one in five students at an Ivy League college misuses a prescription stimulant to get ahead academically.