December 12, 2013

'American Hustle' Is Scorsese Played for Laughs
5:53 PM

David O. Russell's American Hustle is little bit Martin Scorsese, a little bit Preston Sturges.

Instagram's New Feature Shows How the Internet Is Embracing Intimacy
4:09 PM

The social web used to be about broadcasting your life. Maybe not any more. 

Should Chimps Be Granted Legal Personhood?
2:50 PM

Last week, the Nonhuman Rights Project filed three lawsuits seeking "legal personhood" for four chimps who live upstate and are used for research—or, as the NRP puts it, are “imprisoned”— but this week New York judges denied the animal-rights group’s

The Best Books of 2013
11:41 AM

The New Republic staff brings you the best books of 2013.

Gustave Flaubert Is Still An Enigma
6:00 AM

Gustave Flaubert remained misunderstood for decades.

December 11, 2013

Malcolm Gladwell Thinks We Are All Laughing to Our Deaths
5:29 PM

Stop laughing, he says. It's not funny.

Techies Are the New Puritans
Silicon Valley's ugly treatment of homeless people has a long history.
3:56 PM

Techies: The new puritans.

Russia: Where the Crazy Lives
Now in GIFs
3:19 PM

Apparently getting hit by a car is as natural as breathing.

Be Wary of Studies That Claim Men and Women's Brains Are Wired Differently
12:42 PM

The Wall Street Journal reported this week on a spate of controversial new studies suggesting behavioral differences between men and women are due to “hard-wiring” in the brain.

Obama/Cameron Selfie Photographer Is Ashamed of Mankind
9:29 AM

AFP photographer Roberto Schmidt is not amused.