October 02, 2014

In 'Gone Girl,' David Fincher Embraces his Nasty Misanthropy
8:00 PM

You know a film is Fincher from its remorseless, depressive view of humanity.

TV Needs to Stop Trying to Make Rom-Coms Happen
6:11 PM

Seriously. It's not going to happen.

Gorgeous Vintage Sketches of Tolstoy and Your Other Favorite Authors
4:03 PM

Amazing renderings of our most cherished literary figures.

The Juno Director Turned an Outdated Anti-Tech Thinkpiece into a Movie
3:27 PM

This film has its thesis underlined like a freshman term paper. 

October 01, 2014

Don't Love or Hate Lena Dunham. Create More of Her.
The pressure on young female celebrities is unsustainable
10:41 PM

The pressure on young female celebrities is unsustainable.

Is an Exodus of Ph.D.s Causing a Brain Drain in the U.S.?
The rise of the 'passport professor'
8:00 PM

The job market for academics in the U.S. is bleak. Abroad, it's less so.

What the Anti-Vaxxer Movement Teaches Us About the Ebola Crisis
Exploring the power and powerlessness of innoculation
8:00 PM

Exploring the power and powerlessness of innoculation.

The GOP's Sexist Reality TV Spoofs Aren't Going to Win Over Female Voters
4:49 PM

Women want more than husbands, believe it or not. 

How Not To Write About Deadly, Infectious Diseases Like Ebola
10:44 AM

First of all, it helps if things make sense.