November 08, 2014

November 07, 2014

The New Republic's Best Sentences
From Virginia Woolf, H.L. Mencken, Ralph Ellison, and more
6:45 PM

A necessarily incomplete list.

When the Cook Can See You, Food Tastes Better
5:37 PM

The cooks worked harder when they could see the customers.

If You Hate Jamie Oliver, You Might Just Be a Snob

Do you dislike Jamie Oliver because you’re ideologically opposed to his pasta dishes, or is it because the idea of a working class man who has acquired the privileges of middle class life pisses you off?

Ponies at the South Pole
5:22 PM

They are quieter than quiet. They are colder than cold...

The Murder Plot Isn't the Most Captivating Part of 'Serial'
3:51 PM

The podcast capitalizes on the awkwardness of reporting. 

Why Do Some High Schools Have 'Mean Girls' and Others Don't? A New Study Explains
3:10 PM

Think your high school was claustrophobically small? That may have been a blessing.

This Is What It Was Like to Witness the Fall of the Berlin Wall

"It must be strange to ask directions from a man who a week earlier would have shot you for trying to leave the country."

The New Republic Turns 100 Today. Here's Our First Issue, Ever.
11:58 AM

We're kicking off our celebration, now.