November 20, 2013

Coming Soon to Your Bedroom: Beef-Tendon Condoms
Bill Gates is paying big for better contraception. Here's what scientists came up with
11:00 AM

Bill Gates is paying for a better condom, and this is what researchers came up with.

An NFL Pro Quit His Job For The Same Reasons You Might
1:34 AM

Amid the din of another National Football League season dominated this year by (shuffle the deck) concussions, bullying, and an uncharacteristically weak American Football Conference, a quiet counterpoint was the midseason retirement of Denver Bronco

November 19, 2013

Why Do We Care About Malcolm Gladwell's Media Diet?
The cult of telling people what you read
9:00 PM

Please, media types: Enough of your pretentious lists of what you read.

Art Spiegelman Is Comics' Most Pretentious Faux-Artist
8:00 PM

"Pretentious is pretty much Art Spiegelman's M.O."

I Survived China's 'Singles Day,' the World's Loneliest Holiday
Most Chinese people go looking for sales. I went looking for love

A dating ritual in a country of only children. What could go wrong?

This Man Witnessed JFK's and Lee Harvey Oswald's Murders
The New Republic Covers The Assassination of JFK
11:24 AM

The truth remains a mystery even to him.

The Doris Lessing I Knew: Young, Passionate, and Struggling to Keep It Together
10:14 AM

From her obituaries, and the serious critical assessments of her work, I hardly recognize the Doris Lessing I knew.

November 18, 2013

Do You Really Remember Where You Were When JFK Was Shot?
10:28 PM

Pretty much all Americans over the age of 50 will reminisce this week about where they were when JFK was shot.

Wallace Stevens' Voice Was "Life-Saving"
2:45 PM

"The quiet authority of Wallace Stevens' voice entered my mind like a life-saving transfusion."