May 02, 2014

Woman-Specific Financial Advice Guides Are a Crock
8:00 PM

Are women less savvy with money? No. They're more likely to disadvantaged by the economic system—something a spate of recent books ignores.

To Save Banksy, We Must Steal Him
8:00 PM

Art curators aren’t usually the targets of hate mail and death threats.But then Tony Baxter (who has received messages informing him “there's a bullet with your name on it” and whose staff are regularly accused of being thieves who “are going to die

The Art of Scandal
2:42 PM

Unless it is something outrageous—like Kim Kardashian doing it in the library with John Boehner and a debt ceiling—don’t expect us to be impressed or to remember it by tonight. So the full heartfelt insanity with which Ingrid Bergman and Roberto Rossellini invented modern scandal has to be traced in history.

Desensitized to Seeing Death in Movies? Watch 'Miele'
2:40 PM

Miele is a film about assisted suicide that doesn't moralize about it. Needless to say, it couldn't have been made in America.

Dan Utech to Speak at “The Frontier of Climate Change: State and Local Action in New England”
2:15 PM

PRESS RELEASEWashington, D.C.—The New Republic is pleased to announce that Dan Utech, Special Assistant to President Obama for Energy and Climate Change, will speak on May 6 at  “The Frontier of Climate Change: State and Local Action in New England."

Technology Is Taking Over English Departments
11:18 AM

Humanists should critique the digital humanities, not embrace it, unless they want to sell their birthright for a mess of apps. 

May 01, 2014

Wet Dogs, Tired Lions, and Drag Queens
8:00 PM

The best of the 2014 World Photography Awards

The Secret Messages Inside Chinese URLs

URLs like mean a lot more than they appear.

Can a Movie Make Josef Mengele Relatable?
8:00 PM

We are in Patagonia, on a road that lasts 300 miles. A family are ready to make the journey in a battered white van—father, mother and three children, and the mother is pregnant again.

David Chase Speaks About ‘The Sopranos’ Ending
4:35 PM

David Chase spoke at a "Sopranos" screening Wednesday night. Yes, he addressed the final scene.