April 07, 2014

Lydia Davis Is the Perfect Writer for the Twitter Era
4:59 PM

Too distracted by technology, lack of sleep, or your kids to focus on anything longer than a list? Here’s one of Lydia Davis’s stories, “Bloomington,” from her latest collection, Can’t and Won’t, in its entirety.

Mickey Rooney Was the Last Old Hollywood Star Standing
1:13 PM

If you weren't familiar with the 93-year-old legend, here are the three movies to watch.

April 06, 2014

Tonight's 'Game of Thrones' Had Some of the Series' Best Banter Yet
10:37 PM

It isn't the violence, or nudity, or even the dragons that makes Game of Thrones so epic. It's the dialogue.

Reviewing the Unreviewable
8:00 PM

The act of reviewing—or even just having critical thoughts about—juvenilia produced by someone who cannot defend herself seems both loathsome and pointless. But this book calls for it.

The National Women's History Museum Apparently Doesn't Much Care for Women's Historians
8:00 PM

No actual historians are on staff—and that's led to some serious inaccuracies.

Why Do We Say That Our Phones and Computers 'Die'?
8:00 PM

We treat technology as disposable, yet we ascribe human characteristics to our gadgets. 

Podcasts: The Last Refuge of the C-List Celebrity (and Bret Easton Ellis)
12:00 AM

Ellis’s show, like many others, can feel like a hall of mirrors reflecting the chatty state of pop-culture today.

April 05, 2014

The Greatest Ex-Nazi Writer
8:00 PM

Gottfreid Benn was a Nazi very briefly in the early 1930s. Why did it erase him from literary history?

Paul de Man Was a Total Fraud
8:00 PM

Paul de Man lied about everything: his college, his grad school, his rent payments, his quotations of Nietzsche and Rousseau. He even cheated his father out of his life savings. And that's just the beginning.

It's Time to Address the Artisan Potato Chip
12:00 AM

"Artisan" ingredients are just grotesque additives that coat these glorfied death discs.