October 10, 2013

Alice Munro Wins the Nobel Prize

Alice Munro is the winner of this year's Nobel Prize for literature. Here are a couple of excerpts from The New Republic's writings about Munro:Chloe Schama on Dear Life, 2012:

Jon Stewart Was Made for Shutdown Jokes
7:52 AM

Covering the shutdown may have diminishing returns for journalists, but for comedians it has provided seemingly endless grist.

October 09, 2013

Jhumpa Lahiri's Book for Unhappy Mothers
8:00 PM

In Jhumpa Lahiri’s new novel, her second, the terrain is familiar. The Lowland is the story of Indian immigrants to the United States, as her previous novel The Namesake was, and as the focus of many her superior short stories has been.

The Most Offensive Team Names in Sports: A Definitive Ranking
2:58 PM

Washington's football squad is hardly the only sports team with an offensive name and/or logo derived from Native American culture. How does your team compare?

Shepard Smith's Newsroom Set Isn't Even the Goofiest One in TV-News History
Why does Fox News want giant tablets, anyway?
2:04 PM

This week, Fox News' Shepard Smith debuted the network's new newsroom set, featuring giant, 55-inch table screens that the Verge said "could be mistaken for a College Humor or Saturday Night Live parody." Who wants to scroll Twitter on a screen bigge

Stanley Kauffmann Tribute: A Gentleman
1:40 PM

The first time I met Stanley I had just started at The New Republic in the job of assistant literary editor, which has long entailed being the liaison between Stanley and the magazine. For several months I had spoken to him on the phone each week.

Arrival of an Artist
April 10, 1961

At last. Michelangelo Antonioni is an Italian director who has just made his seventh film and who is so highly esteemed abroad that there has already been an Antonioni Festival in London.

Spielberg Revisited
January 24, 1994

If a film has genuine worth, it's more than one film. It changes with further viewings. The second time you see it, it's larger. This time you aren't "distracted" by the story, by discovering what happens next.

Getting Better
March 25, 1996

It's always fun to see a reliable old story smartly updated. This time it's the man and woman who are both in the news game, and this time of course it's the TV news game.

A Wry Requiem
March 24, 1997

Under the credits Kathleen Ferrier sings the haunting lament from Gluck's Orfèo. A man's voice says:I have to tell you that a very special little world has died and I am the designated mourner.