October 09, 2013

Stanley Kauffmann Tribute: The First Film Critic I Ever Read
1:10 PM

Stanley Kauffmann and I went way back together, without ever having met. The New Republic was the first magazine I subscribed to as a high school teen, and Kauffmann the first film critic I regularly read. He was my introducer to Ingmar Bergman, Fran

Stanley Kauffmann Tribute: Conversations Over Apple Juice
12:53 PM

Among the duties that new Back of the Book assistant editors find on their roster when they first arrive at The New Republic: Go to New York—particularly, the penthouse of a West Village apartment building.

Stanley Kauffmann Tribute: How to Care About the Arts
12:47 PM

There is an imperturbable grace about Stanley Kauffmann’s writing, a plainspoken clarity in the face of the onslaught that is the movies.

A Tribute: Stanley Kauffmann, 1916-2013
Unflagging dedication and unclouded acuteness of perception

We are saddened to report that Stanley Kauffmann, our film critic of more than five decades, died early this morning at St. Luke’s Hospital in New York at age 97. We will be adding to this tribute throughout the day.

Stanley Kauffmann, 1916-2013
9:31 AM

The New Republic mourns the death of our beloved film critic, Stanley Kauffmann

"If You Read Derrida for the Plot, You Would Shoot Yourself"
April 16, 1977
8:00 AM

In April 1970 a colloquium of French philosophers and critics was held at Cluny on certain major themes in contemporary thought.

October 08, 2013

Skinny Poem
9:00 PM

write some skinny poems—James SchuylerLife is rough, asRough as you make it.Is it better to be theBest at something, or is aGentleman’s C enough,At least occasionally?I used to think it was—I used to think whateverFelt like thought was sheerPleasure,

Books Don't Want to Be Free
How publishing escaped the cruel fate of other culture industries
8:00 PM

You hardly have to wait in line at Barnes & Noble anymore. The cashiers stare into the middle distance, while on the sales floor, space for books steadily erodes. Instead: toys, magnifying glasses, doodads for the desk.

Disgusting Toilets and the Future of China
What I learned at Beijing Design Week 2013

What one American writer learned at Beijing Design Week 2013

Olivo Barbieri's Aerial Photography: Seven Cities Like You've Never Seen Them
8:00 PM

Everyone is familiar with the toy-like character the world assumes when looked at from a plane window. For the past ten years, the Italian photographer Olivo Barbieri has embellished this effect in his aerial photographs of major world cities.