March 07, 2014

"I Think Jeffrey Tambor's Got a Kind of Gender-Queerness"
1:07 PM

The creator of Amazon's "Transparent" talks about Jeffrey Tambor's feminine side, watching the Oscars, and the trouble with True Detective.

March 06, 2014

Why You Shouldn’t Tweet About What You’re Giving Up for Lent
6:08 PM

And will probably drive your friends nuts. 

March 05, 2014

Can't Work, Must Chat
8:00 PM

How Internet chat made everyone's jobs impossible.

‘Grand Budapest Hotel’ Is Wes Anderson At His Worst
8:00 PM

Grand Budapest Hotel, the latest from Wes Anderson, is dazzling and exhausting but ultimately bereft.

Russians Will Always Be America's Favorite Villains. And Now They're Back.
4:17 PM

The return of the obsolete, in American culture, can only register as corniness or nostalgia. So what are we to make of our cold war enemy's actions today?

For Boys, Moving to a Wealthier Neighborhood Is as Traumatic as Going to War
2:32 PM

The boys were thought of as thugs. Girls, on the other hand, were seen as helpless victims. 

Do 11 Percent of Americans Really Think HTML Is an STD?
1:15 PM

The strange saga of a possibly real, possibly fake study that became an Internet news meme.

Contributing Editor Sherwin Nuland Passes Away
9:50 AM

New Republic Contributing Editor Sherwin B. Nuland passed away Monday morning. Nuland was a regular and beloved contributor to the magazine.