March 21, 2014

On Our Cover: The Brutal Ageism of Tech

In our new cover story, senior editor Noam Scheiber reports from "one of the most ageist places in America"—Silicon Valley, where "it’s better to be perceived as naïve and immature than to have voted in the 1980s." Over the past eight months, Scheibe

March 20, 2014

The Failure of Kentucky Coach John Calipari's "Players First" Philosophy
11:30 PM

Hypocrisy won’t be what brings down Calipari. His teams’ performances will.

Anne Rice Issues a Petition to Get People to Be Nicer in Amazon Reviews
8:00 PM

Anne Rice's petition won't work. People will still find a way to be jerks on the Internet—because it’s the Internet.

The Story Behind the Greatest Movie Never Made
8:00 PM

El Topo director Alejandro Jodorowsky's project was derailed by money problems and insane ambition.

Beyoncé's Instagram Photos From the Anne Frank House Are Appropriately Provocative
2:15 PM

It is disturbing to see Beyoncé putting on a sad-face because the topic, for an hour, was the Holocaust. But it's also appropriate.

Chinese Citizens Are Fed Up With Flight 370 Censorship
10:17 AM

And they're looking to the West for reliable information.

March 19, 2014

The Most Righteous Man at ESPN
8:00 PM

How Jay Bilas became the NCAA's fiercest critic.

Sheryl Sandberg Is Right About the Word 'Bossy.' This Data Proves It.
5:27 PM

Is the word used that often to criticize women? Yes, and we have proof.

An Interesting Theory That Could Explain Vladimir Putin's Risky Behavior
4:24 PM

The decline of Soviet Union–era glory, of energy dominance, and of land itself—these are all losses that, according to prospect theory, could explain Putin's actions of late. 

Anthony Lane's Scarlett Johansson Profile Turns The New Yorker into a Men's Magazine
3:15 PM

The celebrity profile reaches a new nadir in this week's New Yorker.