October 08, 2013

We Are All to Blame for the NFL's Concussion Crisis
12:15 PM

There are a lot of conflicts of interest in the “Frontline” documentary League of Denial: The NFL’s Concussions Crisis, which premieres tonight on PBS at 9.

Megyn Kelly's New Fox Show is Surprisingly Boring
11:23 AM

Monday marked the first night of Megyn Kelly's Fox News Channel program, "The Kelly File," which aired at 9 p.m. in Sean Hannity's old slot.

October 07, 2013

The Andrew Wylie Rules
How the literary agent still makes millions off highbrow
8:00 PM

Learning from Andrew Wylie

Dave Eggers's Overwrought Paranoia
8:00 PM

Capturing the zeitgeist is something of an obsession for Dave Eggers.

Edgar Allan Poe Was More Than a "Freak" and a "Drunk"
December 8, 1926
3:34 PM

The recent revival of interest in Poe has brought to light a good deal of new information about him and supplied us for the first time with a serious interpretation of his personal career, but it has so far entirely failed to explain why we should st

2:22 PM

You’re at it again—you’re there at the rail ... 

The New Republic Sex Issue
No, we haven't published one. But if we did...
12:37 PM

The New York Times Book Review published a sex issue Sunday, which includes reviews, author essays, and readers’ stories about losing one’s innocence.

October 06, 2013

What Happens When the NYT Book Review Does a Sex Issue: 'I Much Prefer Breasts to Heaving Mounds.'
11:11 PM

The New York Times Book Review published its sex issue on Sunday, featuring reviews of new works of sex-themed fiction and nonfiction, along with essays and Q&As on subjects such as “What makes a good sex scene?", "Why is writing about sex so dif