November 08, 2013

Giacomo Leopardi's "Zibaldone," the Least Known Masterpiece of European Literature
8:00 PM

The Italian classic that is the least known masterpiece of European Literature

What Jane Austen Would Have Thought About the Kardashians
Pretension remains the greatest social crime—and authenticity the greatest virtue.
6:06 PM

She loved authenticity, chided pretension, and may well have loved them.

Camus Would've Turned 100 This Week. He Would've Hated It.
3:06 PM

Albert Camus would have celebrated his 100th birthday this week.

Martha Gellhorn's Revelatory Road Trip Across America
June 30, 1947
1:38 PM

There is no moral to driving through America. There probably isn't any conclusion. Except the obvious one: America is not what it sounds, Americans are not those people you read about in newspapers and magazines. I

On Our Cover: Elizabeth Warren as 'Being John Malkovich'
12:26 PM

We started off with the idea of a big photo of Senator Elizabeth Warren on the cover with a big, bold line on top like "The Next President of the United States," but quickly realized how lame that was.

November 07, 2013

Matthew McConaughey Has Transformed From Texas Pretty Boy to Twisted Loner
8:00 PM

When was the last time a male actor, already in his forties, and around a while, simply grabbed the kingdom?

Malcolm Gladwell Has Found God (and Glenn Beck)
8:00 PM

The "Tipping Point" author talks to us about why he visited Glenn Beck, and how he admires faith

Betsy Rothstein, Washington's Strangest Gossip, Does Not Explain Washington
5:20 PM

Go ahead and try to use Betsy Rothstein as a lens to understand the capital. It can't be done.