February 08, 2014

Prepare for the Olympic Whining of Figure Skater Evgeni Plushenko
12:34 PM

Evegeni Plushenko is 31 and has had 13 surgeries, but a silver medal just won't do for this Olympic cry baby.

Sochi's Opening Ceremony Forgot to Mention a Few Things About Russian History
10:52 AM

Where was contemporary Russia in the Olympic opening ceremony? In its carefully pruned and beautified history.

February 07, 2014

What's Behind the New Anti-Semitism?
8:00 PM

 “This is not the anti-Zionism of people who think that the Palestinians get a raw deal from Israel: it is the anti-Zionism of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion."

Giant Fungus Towers Will Take Over New York This Summer
8:00 PM

This piece originally appeared on Remember the fungus chair?

A Power Plant Spilled Coal Into a North Carolina River, and No One Knows What to Believe

The water quality in Sochi’s hotels has been making headlines lately, but that’s nothing compared to what thousands of Americans are experiencing after two recent chemical spills.

The Woman Lighting the Sochi Olympic Flame Tweeted a Racist, Doctored Picture of President Obama
2:16 PM

Irina Rodnina tweeted this doctored photo of Barack and Michelle—so why did Putin invite her to light the Olympic flame.

Maxine Kumin: 'History Lesson' and 'Saying Goodbye'
12:41 PM

Maxine Kumin passed away yesterday at age 88. Here, two poems from The New Republic archive.

Oscar-Nominated 'The Square' Distorts the Sad Reality for Democratic Movements
12:11 PM

The outcome in Egypt has also darkened Western perceptions of the possibility for political evolution in authoritarian states everywhere.

How To Tell The New Spanish "Breaking Bad" From The Original
A Bicultural Viewer's Guide
10:06 AM

A Bicultural Viewer's Guide.

Charles Dickens Was Longwinded and Sometimes Unreadable—But Perfect
6:00 AM

Two centuries after his birth, Charles Dickens's greatness is still up for debate.