September 20, 2013

W. H. Auden Can Teach Us Not to be Afraid

He wrote a poem in praise of limestone. He wrote a poem about Sigmund Freud. He wrote poems about cats and opera, about the minute organisms that live on human skin.

The Esquire Network's Shallow Idea of Modern Manhood
2:57 PM

From the brutal ambition of "Breaking Bad" to the hangdog masculinity of "Louie," the current TV landscape is full of different models of manhood.

I Have Nothing Against Classical Music—But That's Exactly My Point
10:27 AM

I’m really grateful to Paul Berman for his reply to my recent New Republic column “Stop Forcing Your Kids to Learn a Musical Instrument,” a reply that is good-humored and sympathetic.

September 19, 2013

Mariano Rivera's Legacy Isn't as Great as You Think
8:00 PM

Mariano Rivera, baseball's all-time saves leader, announced during spring training that this season is his last.

Parents Absolutely Should Force Their Kids to Take Music Lessons
8:00 PM

Should children study violin—or rather, be forced to study violin? Or forced to study ballet?

Pope Francis's Comments on Gays and Abortion Are Not a "Revelation"
2:23 PM

It’s a sign of how cramped the public image of the Roman Catholic Church has become over the past 34 years that Pope Francis’s comments in an extensive interview with La Civiltà Cattolica could spark such a rapturous response from progressive Catholi

Another NYT Writer Leaves for a Web Upstart, But That's Not the Real Story Here
2:13 PM

In this week’s New Yorker profile of Bryan Goldberg, founder of the much-maligned women’s-interest site Bustle and co-founder of the much-maligned sports site Bleacher Report, author Lizzie Widdicombe makes reference to the latter’s “lingering bad re

September 18, 2013

Granite Countertops, Flat-Screen TVs, Fire Pits: The Surprising Story of How College Dorms Got Luxe
8:00 PM

The social history—and private-sector big money—that explains why granite countertops and fire pits are part of today's new dorms.

A Look Inside the Ultra-Luxe College Dorm
8:00 PM

Today's forward-looking college campus is home to dorms that boast amenities like flat-screen televitions, state-of-the-art exercise rooms, and tanning salons.

The Financial Times Wrote a Tina Brown Puff Piece. We've Annotated It.
4:11 PM

John Gapper of The Financial Times has a story on Tina Brown which gives new meaning to the term "puff piece." The title, "Tina Brown Leaves Journalism in Her Wake," does an adequate job of summarizing the flavor of Gapper's article, which essentiall