December 15, 2013

Our Book Critic's 5 Favorite Books of the Year
6:00 AM

One of them will really surprise you.

December 14, 2013

One Country Saved Its Jews. Were They Just Better People?
The surprising truth about Denmark in the Holocaust

The surprising truth about Denmark in the Holocaust

December 13, 2013

Against the Insufferable Cult of Productivity
8:00 PM

The 21st century cult of productivity is paralyzing us. 

Beyonce's New Album is a Feminist Manifesto
8:00 PM

This piece originally appeared on When the biggest pop star in the world (and there’s a good case for giving Beyoncé that title) turns out a whole album fully formed with no trails or teasers, the world pays attention.

Copycat Suicides Are Real. Are Copycat School Shootings?
6:24 PM

According to early reports, a student in Colorado opened fire in his high school today, injuring two people before killing himself.

Why Is Rudolph's Nose Red?
It's probably parasites. Or cocaine.
2:37 PM

It's probably parasites. Or cocaine.

Breaking: New York Times Uses F-Word!
Homeless mom's historic curse rocks Gray Lady
12:24 PM

A homeless mom's historic curse in America's newspaper of record.

December 12, 2013

This Picture Says More About Gravity Than Alfonso Cuarón's Movie
5:54 PM

A beautiful shot of cliff-diving in Thailand.

A Revelation on the Beach
5:53 PM

Montecito is an impossibly lovely and privileged town between the Santa Ynez Mountains and the sea, just east of Santa Barbara. The place shows no signs of strain of any kind.

'American Hustle' Is Scorsese Played for Laughs
5:53 PM

David O. Russell's American Hustle is little bit Martin Scorsese, a little bit Preston Sturges.