March 24, 2014

The Atheists' Case for Fighting Poverty
3:29 PM

In a new survey of countries around the world and states of the U.S., religiosity correlates with social dysfunction. So if you're sick of public religiosity, fight poverty and oppression.

March 23, 2014

A Reagan-Appointed Judge Weighed in for Same-Sex Marriage in Michigan

The Supreme Court can already hear the legal drumbeat on same-sex marriage.

What Zuckerberg Hath Wrought
7:00 PM

READ: Noam Scheiber on The Brutal Ageism of Silicon Valley

The Brutal Ageism of Tech
6:45 PM

A behind-the-scenes report from the most ageist place in America: Silicon Valley.

How the Horrors of Crimea Shaped Tolstoy
6:45 PM

The great Russian novelist was no war tourist.

The Intellectual and Other Wanderings of Walter Benjamin
9:54 AM

We do not imagine Benjamin on the beach. But the great intellectual of city life defied every school and stereotype.

March 22, 2014

"Flyover Country" Is an Insult to Midwesterners Like Me. So Is "Heartland" Sentimentality.
8:00 PM

Three writers set out to defend the region and end up committing the same common mistake.

Asbestos Is Still Killing People
12:54 PM

A campaign of scientific concealment, distortion, and public misinformation that dates back over 80 years hid—and hides—the dangers of asbestos.

The Sad Truth about Philip Seymour Hoffman
12:00 AM

It's tempting to say that Hoffman overcame his addiction in order to act. But it just isn't so: His addiction fueled his great feats of acting. 

March 21, 2014

Inside Emily Dickinson's Revealing Lost Papers
8:00 PM

Every transcription of handwriting into print misses something. With Dickinson's manuscripts, transcriptions miss a whole lot.