December 27, 2013

There Will Never Be a Unified Theory of JFK
What a year of retrospectives missed about the martyred president

What the JFK retrospectives all missed is that JFK was psychologically inconsistent. Only his context explains him.

It's Time to Ditch the Word "Cancer"
A label that misleads patients and helps quacks
6:00 PM

A prominent doctor says that the term is misleading—and makes it harder to keep patients away from quacks.

Cognitive Neuroscientists Find That People Think of Pain When They Hear Champagne
12:07 PM

Linguistst have shown that when you hear the word "champagne," you think of "pain"

Stop Hating Scrooge!
The 'Christmas Carol' curmudgeon is a forward-thinking liberal
8:03 AM

Now that Christmas is safely behind us, and the mob atmosphere of virtue and piety has evaporated; now that, in the post-holiday doldrums, the stacks of wrapping paper have removed themselves to their ghastly translucent plastic bags and the dead tre

December 26, 2013

The Year in Music
The Best Albums of 2013, the Year Marketing Almost Took Over Music
8:00 PM

Marketing threatened to overshadow the sound in the year's big releases. These ten albums managed to stand on their own,

Ross Douthat Is On Another Erroneous Rampage Against Secularism
3:00 PM

The New York Times columnist's Christmas musings show he just doesn't understand atheists.

December 24, 2013

What Is the Meaning of Christmas Lunch?
5:56 PM

Christmas lunch is the most important social occasion of the year

December 23, 2013

Elves Are Worth Believing In This Christmas
6:01 PM

In what may well be the season’s best Christmas story, Icelandic activists have stalled the construction of a highway because they are afraid for the safety of the local elf population.

Didn't Get Many Christmas Cards This Year? You Probably Have No Friends.
1:35 PM

Count the holiday cards on your mantel: That’s how many people care about you, according to a 2003 social-network study.

I Embedded with a Community of Meth Users
10:29 AM

Adderall is middle-class meth—and other lessons from embedding with meth users