November 13, 2013

$142 Million for a Francis Bacon Painting? Someone Overpaid!
2:48 PM

According to Jed Perl's brutal 2009 assessment of Francis Bacon: Not very much. 

Two Maps That Show How Big the US Airways–American Merger Is
12:13 PM

These two maps show the combined domestic and international flight routes for American Airlines and US Airways.

November 12, 2013

A Year and a Half Later...
What's new at The New Republic
11:59 PM

The first in an occasional series of updates about what's new at our magazine

Why Is Pop Culture So Obsessed With the Middle Ages?
8:00 PM

It is time, at long last, for me to admit publicly a dark secret that has haunted me since adolescence. In high school, I worked at a Renaissance Faire.

Suzanne Somers Is a Dangerous Medical Hack
The Obamacare critic's unscientific hormone claptrap
8:00 PM

Long before she was wrong about Obamacare, she was pushing unscientific hormone claptrap

How Robert Lowell Turned Words Into Art
Henri Cole explains the poet's genius
6:06 PM

In 1976 the 92nd Street Y recorded Robert Lowell reading some of his poetry. It was, in short, a masterpiece. 

The Weirdest Moon Family Footage
5:59 PM

Over the last half century, Reverend Sun Myung Moon and his family have led a religious and political movement—anchored by the Unification Church—that has exerted enormous influence over right-wing American politics and created a web of influential a

The Fall of the House of Moon

Sex rituals, foreign spies, Biden offspring, and the Unification Church's war-torn first family
5:57 PM

Secret sex rituals, foreign spy agencies, Biden family offspring, and the war within the Unification Church's first family

Here's How One World Trade Center, America's Tallest Building, Compares Worldwide
2:37 PM

For the first time in nearly 40 years, New York City will be home to the country's tallest building.

John Cheever's First Short Story, Ever
"Expelled": The tale of his expulsion from prep school
12:26 PM

An eighteen-year-old John Cheever published his first ever short story in The New Republic, and days laters vomited on an editor's wife at a celebratory party.