October 31, 2013

The Amazon Guide to Tax-Dodging
And what to do when government catches up
8:00 PM

And what to do when government catches up.

The New Sexual Revolution: Not Having Sex
8:00 PM

This piece first appeared on a culture that clamors with the noisy public narratives of sexual desire, the implacable silence of sexual refusal is the last remaining taboo.

Gay Life at the Opera
Between homoeroticism and kitsch

Opera also provided gay people a shared language for emotional expression, first through its extremity of emotion and frequent depiction of doomed love, and later through the virtuosic argot of camp.

9 Made-Up Words That Perfectly Describe The Human Condition
6:44 PM

We need English counterparts to these words, stat. 

How the Red Solo Cup Became a Political Football
3:54 PM

Solo cups are usually the domain of college kids at keg parties, but they’ve been in the news lately thanks to a very different demographic: politicians.

11 Fantastic Adjectives That Are More Descriptive Than Amazing
1:57 PM

On the Internet, there are no average photographs, judging by headlines and tweets. Every single gallery is "fantastic," "stunning," and most frequently of all: "amazing." But is amazing always the most amazing adjective to use?

The Widow's Halloween
August 21, 1976
1:21 PM

The pumpkin's hollow head returns her gaze;His yellow eyes are dancing in the flame.And she, she has him on her window sillWithin a draft that flickers on his brain. His jagged smile and diamond eyesAre mirrored in the darkened panes.Set to be seen,

New York Times Columnist Writes About Ghosts, and Confusion Ensues
10:55 AM

The New Republic's Leon Wieseltier has already taken a satisfying whack at T.M. Luhrmann, the occasional New York Times columnist who writes about spirituality and religion.

This Classic Photo From the Red Sox' Victory Could Have Been Taken in 1918
10:50 AM

A couple of hours after the Boston Red Sox, who finished last in their division in 2012, beat the St.