February 05, 2014

Paul Ryan Says Only the Rich Enjoy the Arts. A New Study Just Proved Him Wrong.

A new study analyzed the claim that the NEA only serves the upper crust of society.

Want to Look Older and More Aggressive? Grow a Beard
But don’t think it’ll help you with the ladies
1:19 PM

Beards may help win a fight, but not win over the opposite sex

The Onion Has Become America's Finest Marxist News Source
12:48 PM

The news satire site has become the vanguard of socialist revolution in the U.S.

Bill Nye Won Last Night's Creationism Debate
11:40 AM

My daughter on the Nye/Ham event: "it's not fair because the stupid guy gets to use his imagination and Bill Nye has to use facts." -@GodFreeWorld

February 04, 2014

Legends of the Gay Art Underground
Two new shows highlight the hedonist asceticism of 1950s Bohemians
8:00 PM

Jess and Peter Hujar responded to the tsunami of mid-to-late-twentieth-century art by becoming deep-sea divers, discovering strange and wonderful visions far below American culture’s roiling surfaces.

Betty Friedan Reflects On 1992, The Year Of The Woman
2:18 PM

The American writer and feminist Betty Friedan, who died in 2006, was born on this day in 1921.

China Wants to Build a Better Facebook
Is WeChat out-innovating other social networks?
12:56 PM

WeChat, China's ultimate chat/social network/mobile payment/online banking all-in-one mega-site

Family Wealth Lasts For Ten To Fifteen Generations
An Interview with Gregory Clark, historian of social mobility
9:49 AM

The ultimate case for dealing with income inequality before all else