January 11, 2015

No Student Who Applied to Goucher College With a Video Has Been Rejected
8:00 PM

Only 64 people used it, but they were more diverse than the rest of the applicant pool.

January 10, 2015

'Girls' Season 4: New Location, Same Stunted Characters
8:00 PM

What will the Iowa Writers' Workshop do to Hannah?

January 09, 2015

Big Pharma Is Making Progress in Finding an Ebola Vaccine, But They May Be Fighting The Wrong Battle
6:30 PM

Basic nursing care isn't as sexy as the race for a vaccine, but it's a lot more effective. 

I Was Once a Racist, Sexist Jerk. Thank God I Didn't Have Twitter.
6:15 PM

Those block lists, those grudges, those bridges we burn—we could be stuck with them. 

This Year's College Football Playoff Is a Sham. Blame ESPN.
No, this game won't finally determine a "true" champion
6:12 PM

No, this game won't finally determine a "true" champion.

January 08, 2015

The Controversy Over 'Selma' Shows Why You Shouldn't Fact-Check Movies
5:45 PM

We go to the movies to be entertained, not educated.

There Is No 'Charlie Hebdo' In America
10:53 AM

It's not 'Jon Stewart.' 

January 07, 2015

The Attack on Charlie Hebdo Plays Right Into Marine Le Pen's Hands
5:41 PM

Despite the troubling pattern of violence by religious extremists, the attacks are not representative of a collective will.