April 21, 2015

The Future of Binge TV Belongs to America's Oldest Sport
8:26 AM

How the boys of summer are making sure you know winter is coming.

April 20, 2015

The Bot Bubble
How click farms have inflated social media currency
7:30 PM

Click farms are changing what it means to have social media influence.

Gods and Profits
How capitalism and Christianity aligned in modern America

Two new books looks at the way the two became intertwined.

All Apologies
A new Kurt Cobain documentary reminds us of what we lost when he died
7:30 PM

A new Kurt Cobain documentary reminds us of what could have been.

Ben Affleck Was Wrong, But Henry Louis Gates Made It Worse
Helping the Hollywood star hide a slaveholding ancestor was truly shameful
5:48 PM

Helping Ben Affleck hide a family history of slavery is what's truly shameful.

Don Draper, Feminist
12:52 PM

A perspective from a female ad exec.

The Trauma of Writing About Trauma
Reporters on the nightmares they get from covering war, racism, and rape
12:00 PM

Writers detail the nightmares they get from reporting on war, racism, and rape.

April 19, 2015

Object Lesson
Why we need physical books
7:30 PM

Why we need physical books.

April 17, 2015

Who Is Fair Game for Public Shaming? Here's a Media Rulebook.

Does ESPN's Britt McHenry count? Maybe. But the woman who flipped her middle finger in Arlington National Cemetery doesn't.