August 14, 2015

Where Does Our Information Go After We Die?
4:12 PM

Data columnist Paul Ford discusses the federal Death Master File

South Sudan's Orderly Disorder
3:40 PM

A new film shows the ravages of bureaucracy in the world's newest country.

The Trigger Warning Myth
6:30 AM

Coddled students aren't the cause of a mental health crisis on campus. They're just pawns in the culture wars.

August 13, 2015

Modern Magdalenes
8:00 PM

A searing look at life on the street.

Soylent Tastes Better Without the Utopian Rhetoric
12:28 PM

How technology's rhetoric sometimes overshadows the usefulness of the products themselves. 

Dating Will Never Die
10:37 AM

If the Industrial Revolution didn’t kill it, how could Tinder?

The Database of the Dead

The Social Security Administration maintains a database of everyone who has died since 1936. Are you in it?

The Final File
10:08 AM

Exploring the Social Security administration’s list of America’s dead.

Love at the Methadone Clinic
7:00 AM

Lucia Berlin's stories defy our expectations for “grim” working-class fiction.

The Most Common Childbirth Practice in America Is Unnecessary and Dangerous
6:30 AM

Why do doctors and patients insist on using electronic fetal monitoring?