April 15, 2015

Netflix' Daredevil Is TV's First Gentrification-Fighting Superhero
12:00 AM

How a Marvel superhero can embodies the spirit of Jane Jacobs. 

April 14, 2015

Millennials, Meet Renata Adler
Her latest nonfiction collection, 'After The Tall Timber,' is a guidepost for the post-9/11 generation
2:20 PM

"She said exactly what she meant and held others to her standards."

April 13, 2015

Don't Forget What Richard Pryor Taught Us: Offensive Comedy Can Be Liberating
11:30 PM

Keep this in mind the next time someone tries to police the borders of comedy.

Günter Grass's Hemispheric Upheaval
"Who among us wishes to be smeared always for the recklessness and lunacy of our youth?"
7:34 PM

“A writer's personal failings have nothing at all to do with the success or failure of his work.”

Videos of Police Killings Are Numbing Us to the Spectacle of Black Death
2:32 PM

Despite a flood of videos depicting police killings, policy reforms are hard to find.

April 12, 2015

A History of the Hot Take
6:28 PM

The phrase feels as old as time. But despite its ubiquity, it's newer than you think.

How the World Plays: Photos from the U.K. to Bhutan
10:31 AM

There's this kind of idea that if you’re photographing kids it's somehow dubious and dodgy, which I think is quite a tragic kind of reflection on society. 

April 10, 2015

Why Are Female Journalists Burning Out? Here's a Theory.

In a new poll, 67 percent said they intended to leave journalism or were uncertain about their future, versus 55 percent for men.

April 09, 2015

A New Boston Marathon Documentary Tries—And Fails—to Scare Us About The Internet
6:25 PM

It's baggy and unfocused throughout, unsure of the conflict it sets out to explore.

Don't Assume You Know Why That Couple Doesn't Have Kids

It could be infertility, miscarriages, or failed attempts at adoption. A failing marriage or a serious genetic disorder. Maybe their finances are a tremendous mess, but they’re keeping up appearances.