September 10, 2014

Women Who Wear Hijab Can Have a Better Body Image, Study Says
What the hijab tells us about standards of beauty from different parts of the world
2:09 PM

The veil can be oppressive, but so are beauty standards.

It Is Our Duty to Practice Harsh Criticism
A literary manifesto for the ages
11:11 AM

A literary manifesto for the ages.

The Apple Watch Could Spark a Health Care Revolution
The market is already full of amazing health-tracking devices—and now it may become cool to use them
9:34 AM

This is what the future of medical care looks like

September 09, 2014

How Scalia's Beliefs Completely Changed the Supreme Court
And therefore, the country
8:00 PM

With 28 years on the bench, his beliefs have seeped into nearly ever aspect of federal law. 

Why Narcissists Have More Sex
Evolution favors the manipulative and self-absorbed
8:00 PM

Which has us wondering: Why haven't they totally conquered the gene pool?

Our Jack the Ripper Obsession Is Misogynist
Were Jack the Ripper alive today, would we idolize him as much?
6:00 PM

And the women who rightfully find the whole thing appalling. 

September 08, 2014

Disagree With Doctors' Diagnosis of Your Kid and You Might Get Arrested
The scary, confusing world of "medical neglect"
10:00 PM

This is what happened when parents removed their child from a hospital against a doctor's orders.

'A Great Symphony of American Junk'
What David Foster Wallace misunderstood about John Updike

What David Foster Wallace got wrong about John Updike.

Women Don't Stick with the Sciences. Here's Why.
At each stage of their careers, more women than men leave the most prestigious path

"I am often insecure about my abilities as a female scientist."