November 07, 2014

This Is What It Was Like to Witness the Fall of the Berlin Wall

"It must be strange to ask directions from a man who a week earlier would have shot you for trying to leave the country."

A Single Sound Brought Together Berlin After the Wall Fell
10:37 AM

Worming its way into the ruins of a disjointed metropolis, techno capitalized on the general atmosphere of good-natured chaos that prevailed in the afterglow of reunification

We Don't Need a "Right to Be Forgotten." We Need a Right to Evolve.
The sad symptom of a judgmental culture
10:00 AM

What people really need is the right to evolve. 

November 06, 2014

Callow, Grating, and Glib: The First-Person Fodder of Lena Dunham Inc.
10:00 PM

"Psycho-Twaddle, Affirmational Platitudes, and Show-Offy Candor"

"I Think Spinster Is An Identity Every Woman Can Claim"
Talking with the author of 'Texts from Jane Eyre'
3:55 PM

"Something that makes a really great literary character would often make a horrible roommate ..."

'Interstellar' Is a Three-Hour Entertainment Disaster
Christopher Nolan can do better than this lazy nonsense
12:25 PM

A misstep for Matthew McConaughey.

Modern Racism Can Be So Hilarious
The story behind the Times's brilliant "Off Color" video series
10:00 AM

Heard any smart racial jokes lately? You will here. 

November 05, 2014

Burial of St. Lucy
5:24 PM

Mid-December and the episode is over...