October 17, 2014

Should You Cut the Cord on Cable TV? Here's a Guide To Help You Decide
2:27 PM

Spoiler: Pretty much everybody should cut the cord.

Oscar Wilde and Walt Whitman Once Spent an Afternoon Together. Here's What Happened.

“I come as a poet to call upon a poet,” Wilde said, when Whitman opened his door. 

Everyone Is Dreaming About Ebola
8:00 AM

The disease is even affecting us in our sleep.

October 16, 2014

My Day at the Shooting Range with a Merry Band of Bubbies
10:00 PM

For $125, JewsCanShoot teaches the basics in just five hours.

Edgar Allan Poe Was a Vampire
That’s what you love about him: his creepiness, his otherness, his charismatic diabolism
8:00 PM

Don't write him off because you think his poetry is silly.

Amazon's Elite Reviewing Club Sabotaged My Book
7:00 PM

They get free books, and in return they...trash them?

In Praise of Oscar Wilde's Brilliant Wit, Sparkling Conversation, and Daring Genius
1:55 PM

It was his personality, more than anything, that secured his reputation.

Study: Hotel Housekeepers Are at Great Risk for Sexual Assault From Guests
12:28 PM

They work alone in bedrooms and aren't empowered to stand up to guests.

Talking to the Director of the Year's Best Gay Bilingual Film
11:57 AM

"Coming out is a universally hard thing to do."