August 13, 2014

John Updike Beautifully Explains How Difficult It Was To Read John Cheever's Tortured Journals
11:01 AM

Cheever's life was often a mess of chaos. Updike still sees the beauty in it.

August 12, 2014

Your Baby's Pacifier Could Be Stunting His Emotional Growth
12:10 PM

If you really want to bond with your baby, ditch the binky.

You'll Probably Never Catch Ebola—So Why Is the Disease So Terrifying?

We like to think we've conquered disease. In reality, we're not even close.

August 11, 2014

This Was Robin Williams's Best Non-Comedic Performance

The comedian, who died Monday at the age of 63, was just as good in his serious roles, shorn of his marvelous manic vaudeville.

The Book That Brought Good Sex Writing to the Masses
Lady Chatterley, D.H. Lawrence, and Edmund Wilson's circular review
1:56 PM

Lady Chatterley, D.H. Lawrence, and Edmund Wilson's circular review

We're Bringing You 100 Notable Stories from our Archives
9:08 AM

In the lead-up to our 100th anniversary, we're opening our archives.

The Review That Caused Hemingway to Slap a Critic in the Face With a Book
12:00 AM

And rip his shirt off to show off his chest hair. 

August 09, 2014

One of Liberalism's Greatest Defenders Doesn't Deserve His Obscurity
The pathos of Stefan Zweig and his overdue revival
12:00 AM

Stefan Zweig is much more than "the Pepsi of Austrian of writing."

August 08, 2014

Turning Twitter Procrastination into Literature
A discussion with Cory Arcangel and Jonah Peretti
6:00 PM

Artist Cory Arcangel's new book is a compilation of those who couldn't resist tweeting the words "working on my novel."

Dylan Thomas Is The Quintessential Poet for Adolescence
But that's not all he was
4:49 PM

A new biography busts the myths around the Welsh poet