November 13, 2014

Hachette Blew Its Chance to Make Amazon Truly Pay for Its Bad Practices
3:39 PM

They may have won the battle, but they gave up on the war.

November 12, 2014

Extreme Wealth Is Bad for Everyone—Especially the Wealthy
6:05 PM

The filthy rich, writes Michael Lewis, are unhappy, unhelpful, and always wanting more.

This Web Series Shows Good TV Doesn't Have to Be Like a Novel
4:05 PM

"High Maintenance" has the economical storytelling and quiet revelations of the best short story collections.

What Happens When a Math Whiz Grows Up? Depends on if You're a Boy or a Girl
2:35 PM

In the 1970s, psychologists began studying a group of teenagers who were good at math. In 2013, three times as many of the men had tenure at a major university.

The Strange Case of the Mythical Kinsley/Reagan Meeting
12:14 PM

How do you forget meeting the president?

November 11, 2014

Reason and the Republic of Opinion
10:00 PM

We need not be a nation of intellectuals, but we must not be a nation of idiots.


Once we had the world backwards of fowards...