September 30, 2015

At the Broad Museum, All is Vanity
5:23 PM

The billionaire’s new Los Angeles museum is a beautiful lens awaiting a vision.

Ferrante Fever Hits New York City
3:59 PM

A night at New York's Symphony Space with Elena Ferrante's Neapolitan Novels. 

Laura Poitras Is Creating a Magnum for Digital Documentarians
12:01 PM

Laura Poitras's new collaboration with First Look Media promises to be an innovation in documentary filmmaking.

Addicted to Altruism

Larissa MacFarquhar’s new book profiles “extreme do-gooders,” people who have devoted their lives to good works. But do they go too far? 

September 29, 2015

What Peggy Did
8:00 PM

The collector who did almost everything with art other than make it.

How (and Why) Do You Create a Personal Brand?
3:31 PM

A Twitter conversation with freelance writer Ann Friedman.

Rocket League Is Soccer’s Beautiful Video Game
1:53 PM

The game is about skill and athleticism, just like its physical counterpart.

Night One, With Trevor Noah
8:53 AM

Trevor Noah spent his first night trying to reassure us that this was the same Daily Show we know and love.

Mourning the Loss of an Attention Span
7:00 AM

Sven Birkerts's new book laments our diminished attentiveness to art and friendships.

The Secrets of Hitler’s Vacation Homes

The Nazis created a wholesome, nature-loving image for Hitler at his mountain retreats. We've never fully dismissed it.