June 03, 2015

One Picture Can't Tell All of Caitlyn Jenner’s Story
2:37 PM

For the vast majority that sees Jenner as not too-little-too-late but too-much-too-soon, the cover is a powerful statement.

After Blatter, FIFA May Get Worse Before It Gets Better

Where does international soccer go from here? 

June 02, 2015

One Step Forward for Caitlyn Jenner, One Step Back for Womankind
4:19 PM

Vanity Fair's cover proves magazines can objectify trans women, too.

Rape Victims Shouldn’t Be Scared into Silence. Neither Should Journalists.
1:10 PM

Waiting until every accusation is adjudicated in court would be a mistake.

The Marginalization of Women in Mainstream Country Music
7:10 AM

To succeed in the genre, you just have to be a guy who likes staring at women.

June 01, 2015

The Strange Second Act of the Man Who Brought Smut to American Literature
8:00 PM

Barney Rosset is the man who unmuzzled literature in America; we shouldn't forget his legacy. 

Television's Long History of Humiliating Poor People
8:00 PM

There is a long history in American game shows of exploiting the economically precarious for crass entertainment.

This Black Feminist Classic Was a Precursor to #BlackLivesMatter
8:00 PM

Michele Wallace's 'Black Macho' inspired a generation of black feminist thought. We should honor that. 

What Happens When a Great Editor Writes His First Novel
12:43 PM

You get a paean to literary fandom that could have used a little more editing. 

May 31, 2015

The Wife Bonus Is Imperfect, But It's Not Prostitution

True economic parity shouldn’t depend on spouses living as economically autonomous units, where each spouse lives only off his or her own money.