May 30, 2015

One Photographer Documents Sweden's Amazing Leave Policies
12:00 PM

In his series 'Swedish Dads,' photographer Johan Bävman makes the case that parental leave benefits men, too.

Cleveland, On the Brink
7:00 AM

A new hope to reform Cleveland's police, and for a long-awaited championship.

May 29, 2015

Prosecuting FIFA Underlings Is Worth It, Even If Sepp Blatter Gets Away
1:14 PM

Corruption at the highest levels sets a tone for the entire sport. 

Millennials Care About Paid Leave, and Aren’t Afraid to Take It
12:36 PM

Ironically, "Generation Me" might be the first to change the way that women and men think about paid leave. 

May 28, 2015

The New David Foster Wallace Movie Isn’t a Biopic. It’s Another 'Rolling Stone' Writer Flick.
1:36 PM

The raffish delights of being a Rolling Stone writer have been portrayed on the big screen more than once.

Forgetting Lolita: How Nabokov's Victim Became an American Fantasy
12:22 PM

At a certain echelon of pop music megastardom, they are all Lolitas now, trafficking in the iconography of lollipops and stuffed animals and schoolgirl outfits.

What Humanity's Impact on Earth Will Look Like to Future Geologists
12:22 PM

A new study shows when our impact on Earth became irreversible.


Don't Search for "Purpose." You Will Fail.
10:13 AM

The big lie behind a Venn diagram meme.

May 27, 2015

The Nutrition Gap

Many doctors dismiss nutritional therapies as quack medicine. But many patients disagree, and they're taking matters into their own hands—sometimes to the detriment of their health.

"You Cannot Claim to Have Any Ideas About Family Values Unless You Value Fathers"

When his daughter was born, Josh Levs thought he would get the same leave benefits as the women at his company. He was wrong.