October 06, 2014

Share Your Chocolate. It'll Make It Taste Better.
8:00 PM

Finally. Scientific proof that splitting the cake makes it more satisfying.

It's Time to Take Back Our Aging, Smelly Bodies

Why it's important to resist shame and disgust.

Photographical Twins: Uncanny Images of Ocean and Desert
4:28 PM

A peaceful, startling stillness. 

The Original Versions of Two of Auden's Most Beloved Poems
10:22 AM

Here's how they were first published, in The New Republic

October 05, 2014

Hilary Mantel: Margaret Thatcher "Wrecked This Country"
7:00 PM

The controversial writer discusses Britain’s male-dominated literary culture and the legacy of a certain prime minister.

October 04, 2014

October 03, 2014

Apocalypse Soon: Meet The Scientists Preparing For the End Times
10:38 PM

A growing community of scientists, philosophers, and tech billionaires believe we need to start thinking seriously about the threat of human extinction.

Should Religion Be Blamed for the World's Bloodiest Wars?
10:38 PM

The violence of faith cannot be exorcised by demonizing religion. It goes with being human.

“Innocent, Gullible, and Blinded by Illusions”: Balzac on the Misery of Interns in 1841
10:37 PM

Internships in 1841 were even worse than internships in 2014.