June 18, 2014

In Praise of Nil-Nil: Mexico and Brazil Show How It's Done
No goals? No problem.
12:17 PM

Brazil vs. Mexico may have finished 0-0, but it was anything but boring.

'The Last Sentence' is a Holocaust Film with a Monstrous Hero
The acclaimed director of 'The Emigrants' and 'The New Land' returns with a powerful true story.
12:02 PM

The acclaimed director of The Emigrants and The New Land returns with a powerful true story.

Guillermo Ochoa's Hair, Cristiano Ronaldo's Pecs, and the Russians' Wine-Red Uniforms
There's a reason they call it the Beautiful Game
10:49 AM

Sure, the World Cup is about scoring goals and winning, but it's also about style.

The Evasive Charm of 'Third Person'
12:00 AM

Paul Haggis has a reputation for play.

June 17, 2014

How the National Team Coach Went from Patriotic Symbol to Globe-Trotting Mercenary
Whistles for hire
6:33 PM

Fabio Capello and the history of whistles for hire  

Guillermo Ochoa's Spectacular Saves, In GIFs
Mexico's goalkeeper just played the match of his life
6:01 PM

Save after save after save after save.

USA and Ghana Fans Hugged It Out Before the Battle in Natal: Photos
Matthew Niederhauser's photo diary: Day four

One of those moments of World Cup magic that no corporate sponsor could engineer. 

World Leaders Interacting Awkwardly with Soccer Balls
Unstatesmanlike conduct!
4:06 PM

Including George Bush slidetackling...himself.

Why Johnny Can't Operate
3:51 PM

Arnold Relman reviews Time to Heal: American Medical Education from the Turn of the Century to the Managed Care Era

Neymar's Not Enough: Brazil Needs Hulk to Be Huge, Too
The striker puts power over finesse, and that's just what the Green and Yellow needs
3:04 PM

The striker puts power over finesse, and that's just what the Green and Yellow needs