August 08, 2014

Turning Twitter Procrastination into Literature
A discussion with Cory Arcangel and Jonah Peretti
6:00 PM

Artist Cory Arcangel's new book is a compilation of those who couldn't resist tweeting the words "working on my novel."

Dylan Thomas Is The Quintessential Poet for Adolescence
But that's not all he was
4:49 PM

A new biography busts the myths around the Welsh poet

Geoff Dyer: “There Should Be an Annual Festival Devoted to Me”
2:58 PM

Geoff Dyer likes to take down “dim-witted academics.” So what happened when he turned up at a conference on ... Geoff Dyer?

The Bizarre Life (and Death) of "Mr. Organic"
J.I. Rodale, the godfather of the locavore trend, was a paranoid anti-vaxxer, too
12:00 AM

When Jenny McCarthy rants against vaccines, she's following in Rodale's footsteps.

August 07, 2014

Steven Soderbergh Made a Gilded-Age “ER” and It’s Riveting
9:00 PM

The first ten minutes of "The Knick" are the most gruesome I've seen this year.

If We Want Feminism to Have a Real Impact, Then Let's Stop Teaching So Much Theory
By refusing to engage with personal matters, academics are alienating a generation

Drop the jargon. Be practical.

An Anthropologist Asked Schizophrenics Around the World to Describe the Voices in Their Heads
8:00 PM

Turns out that where they're from vastly impacts what they hear.

Office Snacks Are Bad For You
All those free goodies aren't just detrimental to the cleanliness of your keyboard
12:00 AM

Step away from the candy bowl.

August 06, 2014

Men Have Every Right to Complain About Parenting
Why we need more men to speak openly about the challenges and joys of raising kids

Why we need more men to speak openly about the challenges and joys of raising kids. 

August 05, 2014

The First American Ebola Outbreak
The unscientific origins of our obsession with viruses
11:00 PM

The amazing account of the first Ebola outbreak that nearly went airborne in the U.S.