October 22, 2014

The Anti-'Klinghoffer' Protests Are the Best Thing That Could Happen to the Metropolitan Opera
1:40 PM

The riot that accompanied the Paris premiere of the ballet The Rite of Spring gave Stravinsky’s polytonality its artistic bonafides. Censoring Ulysses certified Joyce a prophet.

A Soldier Explains What It Was Like In the World War I Trenches
12:10 PM

"The trenches only came up to your knees, and no protection at all; and then there was no food."

October 21, 2014

Walter Benjamin Was My First Crush

"I found German writer Walter Benjamin through my middle-school history teacher ..."

My Weekend With Oscar de la Renta
11:52 AM

Remembering the kindness and generosity of one of fashion's greats.

October 20, 2014

The Problem With Brunch Isn't the Jerks. It's That It Ruins Lunch.
10:00 PM

You could be having MUCH better meals on your weekend.

October 19, 2014

No Author Is Too Good for Her Amazon Critics
11:56 PM

It's time to come to terms with publishing in 2014. Everyone is a critic. Everyone’s got a soapbox. 

Forcing Frats to Go Co-Ed Won't Fix Them
8:00 PM

At least at Trinity College, she doesn't exist. And that's a problem for Greek system reformers. 

Marilynne Robinson Is Proof That Fiction Hasn't Lost Its Faith
8:00 PM

Marilynne Robinson is one of the great religious novelists, not only of our age, but any age.