October 09, 2014

Meet This Year's Nobel Prize Winner for Literature
9:43 AM

He is among the most playful and original theorists of fiction at work in any language.

October 08, 2014

The Scientists Studying Life After Death Are Not Total Frauds
8:00 PM

Scientists want to know exactly what it means to be dead.

Gone Girl's Feminist Update of the Old-Fashioned Femme Fatale
1:46 PM

Commentators who charge Gone Girl with sexism or immorality make the mistake of assuming that its message is literal.

Robert Graves Is Famous For His War Writing, But He Also Wrote Love Poetry
10:49 AM

Two love poems from the war writer who gave us Goodbye to All That.

October 07, 2014

What If Your Humanitarian Donations Are Making Things Worse?

This new book makes that controversial claim.

You Can't Teach Genius, No Matter What 'Whiplash' Thinks
8:00 PM

A genius doesn't need to be told to practice, practice, practice.