April 29, 2014

Racist NBA Owner Donald Sterling Has Been Banned for Life. But This Story’s Only Just Begun.
3:43 PM

In banning racist Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling for life, NBA commissioner Adam Silver staked his claim to the league and did right by his players.

The White House Is Publishing a Map of Schools That Mishandle Sexual Assault

The White House has unprecedented guidelines for schools on sexual assault. 

Donald Sterling Is a Blight on Jews’ History in Basketball
1:27 PM

A small piece of the sadness that is the Donald Sterling mess derives from the fact that he is Jewish, and basketball has historically been a crucial part of Jewish-black relations.

Jo Becker's New Book Might Just Be an Elaborate Attempt to Punk Her Audience

Is Jo Becker trying to position herself as the Sacha Baron Cohen of journalism? Or is Forcing the Spring, Becker’s account of the court battles that led to the invalidation of Proposition 8 in California, offered as a piece of serious reporting?

'Atlas Shrugged' No Longer Ranks Among Americans' Top Ten Favorite Books
10:17 AM

Ayn Rand is off; but F. Scott Fitzgerald is on; and Harper Lee moves up. 

April 28, 2014

Who's to Blame for the Tech Bubble? Silicon Valley Insiders.
11:14 PM

And they can't blame it on naive investors.

These Two Women Have Been to 17 Weddings and Interviewed 80 Bridesmaids
Here's what they learned about the wedding-industrial complex.

Here's what they learned about the wedding-industrial complex.

Some Advice for John Oliver: Stop Imitating 'The Daily Show'
4:35 PM

The first episode of John Oliver's new HBO show aired last night, and it's ... exactly like "The Daily Show."

37 of 40 Straight British Men Have 'Cuddled' With Another Man
What we can learn from a new paper on homosociality in Britain
4:33 PM

In a new peer-reviewed paper, a pair of English sociologists show that British men are surprisingly comfortable touching teach other.

Why Do Great Writers Stop Writing?
The tragic epilogue of Harper Lee

The tragic epilogue of Harper Lee.