September 18, 2014

The Real Stories of Disabled Men Who Pay for Sex
10:00 PM

How they do it, why they do it, and what else they want from it. 

The Duck Penis Paradox
8:00 PM

Science, science, everywhere! But is it all for real?

How a Bogus Scientific Study Becomes Internet Fact
8:00 PM

In 2013, a memory study published in the open access science journal PLOS turned out to be false—but only after it was picked up by many major media outlets. 

Beautiful Photos of What May Be the World's Next National Border
1:14 PM

The Document Scotland project captures the nation on the eve of its momentous independence vote. 

September 17, 2014

This TV Show Pays Homage To—And Utterly Ruins—The Fault in Our Stars
5:28 PM

It tries to be Fault in Our Stars. It misses. By miles.

What Ken Burns Doesn't Understand about the Roosevelts

It's so focused on the Roosevelts as people, it neglects their importance as public figures. 

The Brave Open Letter Graham Greene Wrote Defending Charlie Chaplin from McCarthy
3:34 PM

The FBI wanted Chaplin out of the country because of his lefty politics.

The Strange Case of An 18th-Century Sex Change Surgery
2:44 PM

A chance discovery leads to one of the earliest known instances of the operation.

Remembering the Ceasefire

enjoyed being happy. I enjoyed...