September 12, 2014

Charles James Was an Artist—But Don't Hang His Works in a Museum
8:00 PM

His work is being treated with the kind of seriousness and acclaim given to Rodin or Rothko or any other major figure in the history of art.

The Triumph of Digital Will Be the Death of Many Movies

The end of the 35mm film. Digital may not be immortal either.

When 'Mistress' Meant 'Mrs.' and 'Miss' Meant 'Prostitute'

In the 18th century, ‘Mrs.’ was more likely to indicate a businesswoman than a married woman.

Scotland's Radically Inclusive Nationalism
12:05 PM

Here's why I would vote for independence.

The Life and Death of a 'Cool' City
9:20 AM

Which metropolis will Berlin's tourist hordes descend on next?

WATCH: James Brown Delivers a Message on Domestic Violence to Football Fans
9:15 AM

Instead of giving pre-game hype, he delivers a powerful message about domestic violence.

September 11, 2014

Think Tanks Should Take Money From Foreign Governments
9:00 PM

Our funds are limited, and we can meaningfully contribute to the issues they are facing. 

These Books Won't Change Your Life: A Guide to Literary Self-Help
6:00 PM

One of the publishing industry's most irritating trends