May 23, 2014

Armenia Is an International Superpower—at Chess

Dispatches from Armenia, a world power—at chess

May 22, 2014

Jill Abramson's Firing Was About Gender. And Also Not About Gender.
Why we always ask the wrong questions about sexism
10:00 PM

And so did her hiring, as well as most other parts of her tenure. Why we always ask the wrong question about sexism.

Facebook Didn't Invent the Verb 'Unfriend'
But it has changed the meaning
2:01 PM

A 17th century clergyman did! 

Google Gets It: Video Games Are A Spectator Sport
Why buying Twitch, the ESPN of gaming, for a $1 billion makes perfect sense.
1:42 PM

Why buying Twitch, the ESPN of gaming, for a $1 billion makes perfect sense.

May 21, 2014

Watch Arthur Conan Doyle Explain How He Invented Sherlock Holmes
8:00 PM

An amazing little video in which Doyle mocks his own creation.

The 2014 Summer Reading Guide
9 smart, entertaining new books to get you through the summer
8:00 PM

Pack at least one of these before you head out on vacation.

This Video of a Mobbed Subway Station in Brazil Should Frighten World Cup Fans
2:28 PM

You'd better hope bus drivers aren't on strike this summer.

Inside the 11-Story Building That's Calling Itself the People's Republic of Donetsk
12:55 PM

The pro-Russian ministate in Ukraine is the smallest country in the world. It must also be the most insanely bureaucratic. 

Google Says We Have a "Right to Know," But Really Just Wants the Right to Profit From Your Personal Information
11:04 AM

The search giant really just wants the right to profit from your personal information.