April 18, 2014

The Charming Doodles of Kurt Vonnegut
3:46 PM

Kurt Vonnegut's whimsical, amusing doodles are collected and published for the first time. 

The Stars of Jo Becker's Misleading Book on Gay Marriage Are Racing to Claim Even More Credit
2:13 PM

The stars of Jo Becker's misleading book are racing to claim even more credit.

García Márquez Liberated the Spanish Language from the Tyranny of the Past
12:37 PM

His liberator's urge was not a matter of leftism. The urge was literary.

García Márquez Was More Important for Spanish Literature Than Cervantes
11:23 AM

If Don Quixote is considered the first modern novel, One Hundred Years of Solitude might be the last.

New Campus Sexual Assault Legislation Is Not Enough to Prevent Another Florida State Scandal
10:07 AM

The front-page New York Times story was horrifyingly familiar. A college student allegedly raped by a sports star. A police department whose investigation was suspiciously perfunctory.

Many Reservations
Anthony Bourdain has become the celebrity he loved to hate
12:02 AM

He used to point out the bullshit. Now he’s stepping in it.

April 17, 2014

Jo Becker's New Book Disparages Gay-Marriage Activists' Years of Hard Work
8:00 PM

New York Times journalist Jo Becker’s new book, Forcing the Spring, to be published at the end of the month, and excerpted in The New York Times magazine this coming weekend, is engineered from the ground up to be the first definitive narrative of th

'Transcendence' Is So Bad You'll Start to Feel Sorry for Johnny Depp
8:00 PM

Johnny Depp, Morgan Freeman, and Rebecca Hall are trapped in this terrible movie.

Gabriel Garcia Marquez: 1927-2014
4:09 PM

A moving remembrance of Gabriel Garcia Marquez, who has passed away.