September 05, 2014

The Heartwrenching Court Cases That Inspired My New Novel
11:30 PM

The best legal judgments form a neglected sub-genre of our literature.

The New Luddites: Why Former Digital Prophets Are Turning Against Tech
8:00 PM

Neo-Luddism began to emerge in the postwar period, but now it's stronger than ever.

Gender Quotas Worked in Norway. Why Not Here?
4:48 PM

Turns out, American culture may be hindering gender equality.

Joan Rivers Didn't Care If You Liked It
9:51 AM

Her feminism and misogyny were impossible for young women to reconcile.

This Is the Most Diverse Apartment Building in America
12:00 AM

No matter how much we say we want otherwise, we still end up living around people who look just like us. This Brooklyn building is the exception. 

September 04, 2014

The Trouble With Harvard
7:50 PM

The Ivy League is broken and only standardized tests can fix it.

President Clinton to Keynote The New Republic’s Centennial Gala
7:00 AM

The black-tie event will also include a performance by world-renowned jazz musician, Wynton Marsalis.

September 03, 2014

The Metaphysical Case for Abolishing Political Parties
5:23 PM

Do political parties corrupt the souls of their members? 

The Swiss Government Rejected James Joyce's Visa—Because They Thought He Was His Jewish Character, Leopold Bloom
10:00 AM

The Swiss government rejected his visa because they mixed him up with his Jewish protagonist from 'Ulysses,' Leopold Bloom.