D. Hayworth

John McCain Wins. But the Tea Party Didn't Lose.
August 25, 2010

John McCain had a very good primary election night on Tuesday, crushing the once-feared right-wing challenger J.D. Hayworth by a ­­­­24 percent margin. And there's not much secret to how he did it: In addition to benefiting from Hayworth’s own self-inflicted wounds, McCain dominated by turning away from some of his signature commitments from the past. Politico’s David Catanese nicely summed it up in a piece on the “heavy price” paid by McCain to win re-nomination this year: Once the sponsor of comprehensive immigration reform with the late Sen.

J.D. Hayworth Prowls The Night In Search Of Blood
April 06, 2010

J.D. Hayworth believes a John McCain supporter has called for his assassination: Hayworth also took issue with a quote in the article from former GOP state Attorney General Grant Woods — a McCain supporter — who said of Hayworth, “Someone needs to drive a wooden stake through this guy’s heart.”  “This cavalier death threat that he issued is over the top,” Hayworth said. “If Grant Woods had a shred of decency he would apologize for what amounts to a death threat,” he said. “For Mr.

Don't Conservatives Hope To Govern?
February 15, 2010

Mike Potemra at National Review argues that liberals should like the filibuster: I address this question to Rachel Maddow, who just delivered a long and passionate address against the filibuster (I caught only the last five minutes of it): Three years from now, Palin is president, with J. D. Hayworth as Senate majority leader, and Michele Bachmann as Speaker of the House. (Of course it’s impossible – just like the election of Obama was, and the election of Scott Brown, and . .