Daddy Wars

Don't Leave Future Fathers Out of the Daddy Wars
January 07, 2014

The Atlantic magazine left a key group out of its discussion about fatherhood.

Rich Stay-At-Home Dads Aren’t the Future
December 09, 2013

In Sunday’s paper, The New York Times reported on a rising phenomenon: Powerful female financial executives who are abetted by husbands willing to “stay at home” and be the primary caretakers of the couples’ children.

Moms and Dads Both Want Time With Their Kids. Why Do Moms Spend More?
October 11, 2013

“The only luxury is time,” Kanye West told Jimmy Kimmel the other night, “the time you spend with your family.” A new Pew Research Center report shows that most American parents agree with ‘Ye, who is, perhaps tellingly, a new father.

New York Times Relegates Fathers to the Grammatical Sidelines
July 08, 2013

A front-page news article in today’s New York Times on a representative working mother is the first, we are promised, in the “Balancing Act” series, which “will look at the ways working mothers from varied backgrounds are balancing careers and family

Money Alone Won’t Make Men Better Parents
July 03, 2013

Recently, I argued that it was time for a “Daddy Wars” to complement the wide-ranging debate among women about how to be working parents.