Dallas Morning News

A Texas Newspaper Takes Aim at Wendy Davis's Cinderella Story—and Spins the Facts, Too
January 20, 2014

Wendy Davis got a few dates wrong, but it doesn't diminish her extraordinary story.

A Kind Word For Public Employee Unions
June 08, 2012

In the wake of the failed Wisconsin recall vote we're hearing an awful lot about those spoiled government employees with their flush pay packages and their godawful unions. The worst, of course, are the teachers' unions. They are responsible for everything that's gone wrong in America today. Government leaders urge that they restrain their demands, but in vain. But according to this June 5 article from the Dallas Morning News, Dallas's incoming superintendent of schools--a government leader, right?-- will enjoy a base salary of $300,000. His chief of staff will make $225,000.

The Mission
July 06, 1992

Ross Perot lives on Strait Lane in a world of his own. On the most exclusive street of millionaires in North Dallas, he has surrounded himself with alarms and sensors, fences and security guards. He has frequently deployed private investigators to uncover personally discrediting material about competitors. Those determined to humiliate and destroy him, he has explained, publicly and privately, include terrorists, drug lords, the CIA, and a criminal cabal of high officials in the Reagan and Bush administrations in which the president of the United States is complicit.