Dan Senor

Hagel, the Enemy of Liberals' Enemies, Shouldn't be Their Friend
December 30, 2012

Too many liberals admire Chuck Hagel because his detractors include Bush administration types. They shouldn't.

The GOP Likes Michèle Flournoy for the Wrong Reasons, But She's the Right Choice
December 26, 2012

Yes, the GOP is just pretending—but they're right. She's the better pick.

Why Is Dan Senor Considered a Serious Foreign Policy Thinker?
October 23, 2012

Dan Senor is a glorified flack. So why is he in serious discussion for a foreign policy job in a Romney administration?

When Romney Was Anti-Anti-China, Not So Long Ago
September 24, 2012

I found an '09 video clip that shows Mitt Romney speaking out against anti-China trade protectionism -- the exact opposite of his current line.

Mock on, Maureen Dowd: Why She’s Right About the Neo-cons
September 17, 2012

In the twilight years of the New Left, revolutionaries would regularly parse their adversaries’ statements for indications of “objective racism.” Even the slightest irregularity—calling someone’s thoughts “dark”—could unleash a volley of accusations.

Say It Ain't So
August 03, 2010

Joe Lieberman comes out against building an Islamic Center in lower Manhattan: "I've also read some things about some of the people involved that make me wonder about their motivations. So I don't know enough to reach a conclusion, but I know enough to say that this thing is only going to create more division in our society, and somebody ought to put the brakes on it," he said.

A Real Electric Car: No Gas, No Fuss. Coming Soon... From Israel
February 07, 2010

No one who has read either Start-Up Nation: The Story of Israel's Economic Miracle (by Dan Senor and Saul Singer) or The Israel Test (by George Gilder) could have been surprised by the news that Israeli scientists and private investors have produced a no-nonsense electric car that meets all the myriad objections raised to other vehicles of the type. The fact is that any model automobile can be fitted for the ever-renewable battery. Yes, it has the cumbersome chargeable option.

Innovation Nation: Israel
December 04, 2009

As America struggles to get its mojo back as a preeminent center of innovation and thereby prosperity, metropolitan and national economic leaders would do well to study the case of Israel. Israel? Yes, Israel.

What Israel Can Teach Us About Rebuilding an Economy
November 30, 2009

The wall between The Wall Street Journal’s news division and its editorial page makes for a lot of good reporting and a fair amount of cognitive dissonance as well. For example, the November 24 edition featured an article, tucked away on A14, about Israel’s response to the economic crisis. In it we learn that the Netanyahu government raised taxes, avoided traditional stimulus measures, and ruled out government bailouts for banks and bondholders.

An Obama-Kristol Foreign Policy Alliance?
April 02, 2009

Bill Kristol has spent much of the past decade warning that Democrats are dispositionally incapable of protecting the United States. But earlier this week, he seemed pleased to discover that President Obama and the Democratic Congress are not actually planning to "surrender" to al Qaeda in Afghanistan.