Dave Bing

Robocop Revived in Detroit
February 17, 2011

Last week, Detroit Mayor Dave Bing tweeted that there were no plans to build a Robocop statue in Detroit in honor of the city being the setting of the cinematic franchise. Twitter likes a challenge it would appear, whether it be Middle Eastern despots or statues of gunslinging police of the future. More than $50,000 has been raised. It took about a week.

What’s Off the Table in Detroit?
February 08, 2011

Between the Eminem Chrysler commercial during the Super Bowl and today’s Washington Post front page profile of Detroit Mayor Dave Bing, there’s been a bit of a Motor City boomlet over the last couple of days. Bing, 21 months into his term, has famously promised to examine any and all avenues to getting troubled Detroit back on the path of fiscal and economic sustainability. So far that’s included a light rail project, corridor clean-ups, and a hard look at what “right-sizing” the city might entail. But for all the casting about for solutions, some things are simply off the table.

Michigan’s Sunny Pragmatist
January 05, 2011

Theater is an important element of politics, and the show that Michigan’s Republican Governor Rick Snyder orchestrated for his inauguration was encouraging.   Two-thirds of the incoming state legislature is new, among them many tea-partiers.

Think Locally, Act Globally
May 26, 2010

Did anyone notice that NEC director Larry Summers quietly exploded old-fashioned urban policy last week?  He didn’t mean to. In a speech at the Brookings-White House Council on Automotive Communities summit on May 18, Summers set out to talk about the economy, and how to stimulate manufacturing in general and auto manufacturing in particular.   He identified four policy areas that are particularly important: the availability of credit; exports; innovation and R&D; and human capital. More credit, more exports, more innovation, and more educated workers could, in conjunction with huge and su

Good News From Detroit
December 22, 2009

Today’s New York Times brings some unexpected but welcome news from Detroit: newly elected city council members are talking about the urgency of regional action. “We need a higher standard of ethics and transparency and competence and cooperation, not just with each other but with our region and our state,” says Charles Pugh, city council president-elect. His colleague Saunteel Jenkins makes the critical link between the region’s crushing burden of segregation and the lack of cross-border cooperation: “One of the things that’s very distracting about this region is that it is one of the most s