Dave Camp

Paul Ryan Just Made Tax Reform Harder
April 01, 2014

By enabling GOP delusions, the would-be tax reformer just made his job harder

The Five Biggest Takeaways in Paul Ryan's Budget
April 01, 2014

Even after slashing spending, Ryan still relies on special scoring to balance the budget.

Republicans Keep Lying to Their Base, and It's Preventing Them From Governing
March 10, 2014

They can't help but overpromise—but it eventually catches up to them in unexpected ways.

Washington is Ignoring Obama's Budget. You Shouldn't.
March 04, 2014

The specific numbers may not matter, but the ideas do.

Inside Obama's New Budget: A Tax Cut (Some) Republicans Might Like
March 03, 2014

In a normal political climate, this is where real, bipartisan negotiation would begin.

Dave Camp Created the Ultimate Conservative Tax Plan, and Republicans Are Ignoring It
February 26, 2014

It does everything they want, so why are so few Republicans supporting it?

Dave Camp's Tax Reform Plan Is Ambitious, and Probably Doesn't Stand a Chance
February 25, 2014

Who would benefit under this simplified tax code?

GOP Lacks Leverage, but It's Still Got Spin
December 06, 2012

Republicans may lack leverage in the "fiscal cliff" debate, but they're managing to convince the press otherwise.

How The House GOP Can Survive Paul Ryan
May 23, 2011

The conservative movement is geared around endlessly pushing Republican politicians to take more right-wing positions, and to interpret any failure as the result of ideological or political faint-heartedness.