David Gergen

Clinton is Better Than Obama at Explaining Why Obama is Better Than Clinton
September 06, 2012

Obama's a better president than Clinton, but Clinton's better at explaining why.

Are Dems About To Crush Republicans In November?
July 20, 2010

Last month, the Gallup poll a six-point advantage for Republicans in the House "generic ballot" question. Former Bush administration Minister of Propaganda Pete Wehner undertook his characteristic gloating spasms: Gallup’s generic ballot poll (courtesy of the indispensible RealClearPolitics) shows a 49-43 percent lead for the GOP, the largest lead for Republicans since the poll started in the midpoint of the last century.

March 21, 2005

ON BULLSHIT By Harry G. Frankfurt(Princeton University Press, 67 pp., $9.95)   WHEN I WAS A GRADUATE student at the Rockefeller University, Harry Frankfurt, who was then a professor there, came up to me one day and announced that he had devised the following principle: people naturally gravitate toward the study of that which does not come naturally to them. Thus people who work on ethics typically find it difficult to be good, logicians tend to be muddle- headed, and so on. And he had an explanation for his principle.

In Defense of Conventional Wisdom
March 19, 2001

There are certain ideas so beyond the pale they cannot be publicly defended. You never see politicians arguing for child molestation or op-eds defending Hitler. But there is one particular idea so disdained, so monstrous, that it must be pulled out and flayed almost daily: conventional wisdom. Since 1980 the New York Times editorial page has published at least 38 columns condemning world hunger, 241 against South African apartheid, and 465 containing the phrase "conventional wisdom"--and never once did the Times mean it in a nice way. Like muckrakers railing against J.P. Morgan and John D.

July 18, 1983

It seems virtually certain that the Reagan campaign committed a crime.