David Milch

David Thomson on Films: Should Horses Be Sacrificed For Art?
March 20, 2012

In every way it is regrettable—that three horses have died in the making of Luck over a period of twelve weeks; and that the slowly developing series is going to be cut off, not exactly in its prime, but with glimpses of that glow in the distance.

HBO’s New Show Has Good Credentials, But Is That Enough?
February 14, 2012

Last Friday, the New York Times ran a double-page-spread ad for the new HBO series Luck. It featured quotes like “Sumptuous,” “Addictive,” “Compelling,” “Brilliant,” “Astonishing,” “Breathtaking.” (You know the sort of thing, you could write it yourself.) But after three episodes of Luck, I’m still hedging my bets and crossing my fingers—or just waiting to hear a line clearly. The show has plenty of credentials and promise.

John Dewey Hangs Ten
June 28, 2007

by Eric Rauchway A bit of an HBO roundup: In this week's New Yorker, Nancy Franklin quotes David Milch saying about his new television series, "John from Cincinnati," If God were trying to reach out to us, and if he felt a certain urgency about it...that's what it's about.... And if God were trying to reach out to us, and teach us something about the deepest nature of matter, he might use some drugged-out surfers. Isn't Milch paraphrasing Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.'s description of John Dewey's writing?