David Rogers

The Secret Issue At The Heart Of the Budget Fight
July 14, 2011

David Rogers pulls out an under-reported point about what killed the deficit bargain between President Obama and John Boehner: For many observers, tax reform remains the last, best bet — even now — to bridge the revenue differences between Republicans and Obama and craft an effective deficit-reduction package.

Boehner Abandons Grand Bargain, Can't Sway Caucus on Taxes
July 10, 2011

Does anything matter to Republicans more than protecting tax cuts for the very wealthy? Developments of the last 18 hours suggest very strongly that the answer is no. As you have probably heard by now, House Speaker John Boehner on Saturday evening informed President Obama that he was no longer interested in pursuing a “grand bargain” on deficit reduction. It was a major turning point in the debate.

Blue Dogs And Blue Cross, Sitting In A Tree
July 31, 2009

David Rogers at Politico has a terrific, highly disturbing piece on the concessions Energy and Commerce Chairman Henry Waxman made in order to win support from four Blue Dog congressmen--four votes he needs in order to get the bill out of committee. I've written that the concessions--slightly lower subsidies to help people buy insurance, along with less pricing power for the public plan--seemed modest, at least based on what's known so far. But Rogers has more details--and they are not exactly comforting: The impact is real.