death penalty

Don't Make Dzhokhar Tsarnaev a Martyr
April 08, 2015

Killing him could cause more harm than keeping him alive.

A California Lawyer Wants to Put Gays to Death. Why Isn't the Attorney General Ignoring Him?
Kamala Harris's response is only making matters worse
March 26, 2015

Kamala Harris's response is only making matters worse.

There Is No Such Thing as a Humane Execution
Utah is bringing back the firing squad—but we should be debating the death penalty itself
March 24, 2015

Every time we argue over how best to kill inmates, we become a less perfect union.

Do Veterans With PTSD Really Belong on Death Row?
January 15, 2015

Georgia just executed a Vietnam vet who murdered a police officer—but also suffered from untreated PTSD. 

Colorado's Governor's Race Could Come Down to the Death Penalty
October 31, 2014

How an unlikely issue is upending the race.

Antonin Scalia Used This Wrongful Conviction to Defend the Death Penalty
September 04, 2014

Now that the accused are free, does he still think the death penalty is wise?

2014 Is Already the Worst Year in the History of Lethal Injection
Another day, another problematic execution
July 24, 2014

He gasped for air 660 times.

Photos from a Botched Lethal Injection
An exclusive look at what happens when an execution goes badly
May 29, 2014

In 2006, mistakes in the Florida death chamber inflicted chemical burns on a prisoner and may have suffocated him to death. 

IQ Scores Shouldn't Be A Matter of Life or Death
May 27, 2014

“There’s this totally false pretense that an IQ of 70 is the same in different time periods, but the conversion of raw scores isn’t stable over time.”