death penalty

Photos from a Botched Lethal Injection
An exclusive look at what happens when an execution goes badly
May 29, 2014

In 2006, mistakes in the Florida death chamber inflicted chemical burns on a prisoner and may have suffocated him to death. 

IQ Scores Shouldn't Be A Matter of Life or Death
May 27, 2014

“There’s this totally false pretense that an IQ of 70 is the same in different time periods, but the conversion of raw scores isn’t stable over time.”

The Supreme Court's Empty Defense of the Intellectually Disabled
States ignored a prior ruling outlawing executions—and the justices let them get away with it
May 27, 2014

States ignored a prior ruling that outlawed executions—and the justices let them get away with it.

How Texas Keeps Putting the Intellectually Disabled on Death Row
The Supreme Court said it was unconstitutional but gave states wiggle room
May 14, 2014

The Supreme Court said it was unconstitutional but gave states wiggle room.

Don't Trust Oklahoma's Death Penalty Panel
State reviews of executions are usually shams
May 08, 2014

We can't trust the same people who keep botching executions to fix them. 

The Three-Drug Death Penalty Cocktail is a Mess
May 04, 2014

Executions are inhumane. The three-drug lethal-injection cocktail may make them worse.

Botched Executions Have Never Swayed Public Opinion. This Time Could Be Different.
May 02, 2014

What happened in Oklahoma was immoral. But public opinion was already swinging against the death penalty.

Another Reason to Be Outraged About the Botched Execution: The Oklahoma Governor’s Response
April 30, 2014

Her request for a "full review of Oklahoma’s execution procedures" is pretty meaningless.

Clayton Lockett's Botched Execution Adds Credibility to Court Fight Over Drug Secrecy
April 30, 2014

How can "cruel and unusual punishment" be proven when the drugs are kept secret?

Cruel But Not Unusual
How Oklahoma botched Clayton Lockett's execution
April 30, 2014

Clayton Lockett's death revealed a problem with lethal injection more fundamental than the drugs.