Wherein TNR Plans Your Night
November 13, 2007

Supply-siders, the sitting president, Delaware… it’strue, our very own Jon Chait isn’t a particularly huge fan of these things. But in terms of what makes Chait’s blood really boil, they’ve got nothing on the Ohio State football team. And tonight at 10:30, a safe half hour after the end of House, HBO will air a new documentary called The Rivalry, which features Chait talking about the feud that exists between the Michigan and OSU football programs. It promises to be great television. Tune in.  

Who's Your Daddy?; The masculine mystique of Fred Thompson.
July 23, 2007

  Thwack! An elaborately beaded elephant handbag lands solidly on Fred Thompson's upper arm. "Law and Order on the Border!" the bag's owner, a short, sassy, middle-aged brunette, crows at the presumed presidential candidate.

Perfidious Delaware
December 27, 2006

Last night I drove home from northern New Jersey to Washington and it went smoothly enough except that, as customarily happens on such journeys, we hit a wall of traffic halfway through. What was the cause of it? Delaware. Yes, Delaware, that sinkhole of inequity and greed. Delaware, that backward, corrupt parasite state. Delaware, the great underappreciated scandal of modern American life. Those of us who do not live in Delaware are robbed blind by those who do in numerous ways.

Rogue State
August 19, 2002

Until one day several years ago, I, like most people, harbored no ill feelings toward the state of Delaware. I suppose in some vague sense I thought of it as harmless and even endearing, the way you tend to regard other small things, such as Girl Scouts or squirrels. But all that changed the summer day I moved to Washington, when, making my way down I-95 in a rental truck with all of my worldly belongings, I screeched to a halt in front of what turned out to be a two-hour backup in Delaware.

The Good Funeral
August 07, 1995

One consequence of living several thousand miles from the place you grew up and shifting residences every few years is that the people you care for tend to die at a distance. Once a year or so I get a phone call to inform me that someone I had assumed alive and well has suffered a stroke, or shot himself, or neglected to wake up. Upon hearing such news I usually feel a brief but genuine desire to drop whatever I am doing and fly to the funeral. Then I recall the funerals I have attended.

Stalin’s Afterlife
December 29, 1979

The Soviet Union’s greatest mythological figure is 100 years old this week.

Becoming a Pro
November 12, 1977

James Cramer: At the Eagles' training camp, meritocracy really works.

Bang, Bang
September 20, 1975

TRB: Presidential security and the Second Amendment.

Eisenhower's Program For America
February 08, 1954

In the last message that Franklin D. Roosevelt wrote but did not deliver to the American people, he told Americans that, "We must move forward with firm and active faith." He realized that, thinking in terms either of the welfare of the people or in terms of political (i.e.

School Doors Swing Open
December 15, 1952

The Supreme Court during its present session has the opportunity to strike its mightiest blow against racial prejudice. The nine justices must decide whether segregation of Negro and white pupils in the public schools violates the equal protection provision of the Fourteenth Amendment.