Earth to Obama
October 01, 2009

Bill McKibben: You can't negotiate with the planet.

Class Acts
September 24, 2001

Ornamentalism by David Cannadine Oxford University Press, 240 pp., $25) When Hitler wished to relax after a hard day at the office, he liked to watch films in his private screening room. Nazi propaganda movies were not his favorite entertainment; they felt too much like work. Hitler liked swashbuckling Hollywood films, and one picture in particular: Lives of a Bengal Lancer, starring Gary Cooper and C.

Books Without Borders
July 12, 1999

An Equal Music by Vikram Seth (Broadway Books, 381 pp., $25) The poet Ronsard once began a poem by saying that in sixteenth-century France writers were running about in their abundance like ants. Not all of them, he hastened to add, were any good. On March 22, the Delhi magazine Outlook said the same of teeming India.