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Budget 2011: Creating Quality Places
February 03, 2010

For many, what makes a neighborhood or a community a great place to live is a mix of people, activities, and physical forms. Quality places are those neighborhoods and communities that have a range of housing types, so that people who live in small households or on tight budgets aren’t excluded; many transportation options, so that cars are a convenience, but not a necessity; and houses, stores, and offices interspersed and within easy reach of each other, again so that daily life doesn’t require getting behind the wheel.  Public policies, from local decisions about zoning codes to national

The EPA's Coming Carbon Regulations: A Short Primer
December 16, 2009

Yesterday, the EPA formally published its finding that greenhouse gases pose a danger to public health. It's printed in the Federal Register and everything. So now that that's finished, what comes next? When do the new CO2 regulations hit?

Boarding Pass
September 24, 2001

A thousand horrible questions present themselves, but one is how, as appears to have happened, four teams of terrorists could have hijacked four airliners simultaneously. How did they get their weapons through security? How did they take over aircraft so rapidly that, apparently, no distress calls were sent by pilots? This article was written within hours of the attack and, therefore, the possible answers it offers are highly speculative.