Derek Cianfrance

Finding One’s Self
April 06, 2013

The French director-writer François Ozon once made a memorable film called Swimming Pool, in which a parched writer was strengthened by contact with another person.

Derek Cianfrance's America
Class and fate in 'The Place Beyond the Pines'
March 29, 2013

For the second time, Derek Cianfrance has put Ryan Gosling on the edge of a great character: the American failure who has the neediness and the inner life of a wild genius. 

David Thomson on Films: 'Blue Valentine'
January 17, 2011

 As the award season builds, Blue Valentine is being promoted by the Weinstein Company as “the most provocative film of the year.” That’s not far-fetched: This is a challenging experience, and a conscientious effort to expose raw lives. But is it a movie or a new way of revealing helplessness? Perhaps the picture’s largest strength and problem is that its two embedded performances--from Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams--leave us realizing their characters may not be suited to either marriage or a great fictional movie.