Des Moines

Straw Man
August 27, 2007

Noam Scheiber on Mitt Romney’s flimsy 2008 campaign.

Home Boy
February 19, 2007

SOMEWHERE ALONG U.S. ROUTE 20, IOWA  “I think I’m making political history,” Tom Vilsack tells me. It’s a frigid January night, and we’re in an SUV barreling down a lonely stretch of highway amid the fallow cornfields of eastern Iowa. With the speedometer nudging 70 miles per hour, we’re headed to the tiny city of Independence, where a restaurant is hosting an event for Vilsack’s presidential campaign.

Mo’ Better
February 02, 2004

Ryan Lizza's 2004 campaign journal.

Still His Party
August 07, 2000

The quest to venerate Ronald Reagan began ignominiously. In the early '90s, conservatives set out to convey Reagan's greatness to future generations by constructing a gleaming new government building in downtown Washington, D.C. But plans for the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center went comically wrong. Construction ran hundreds of millions of dollars and several years over budget, and, once completed in 1998, the building was so manifestly useless that federal agencies had to be coaxed to move into it.

Ice Capades
February 07, 2000

Michelle Cottle on the 2000 Iowa Caucuses.

Entrenched Warfare
February 07, 2000

David Grann reports from Iowa's hinterlands.

Absolving Adolf
October 18, 1999

There's something more than a little disingenuous about the demands for Patrick Buchanan's political excommunication coming from several Republican presidential candidates, not to mention the former "Crossfire" host's media chums. Buchanan's sympathy for Nazi Germany's strategic predicament is hardly new and is certainly not a secret. For more than 20 years, he has been publicly ventilating his peculiar penchant for a revisionist assessment of both Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany.

Animal Farm
March 04, 1996

Michael Lewis's 1996 campaign journal.

The Griz
February 05, 1996

Michael Lewis on the 1996 campaign.

Bush by a Hair
January 26, 1980

Morton Kondracke reports from Des Moines in 1980.