In Michigan, a Defeat for the Tea Party—and Victory for Common Sense
August 28, 2013

Obamacare took a big step forward on Tuesday night, when the Michigan Senate approved an expansion of the state’s Medicaid program. The state House is likely to back the same measure, as early as next week.

Richard Florida Flip-Flops on Detroit
July 24, 2013

In the depths of the Great Recession, in the early spring of 2009, as the country was scrambling for ways to stop a seemingly bottomless plunge, the economic development guru Richard Florida weighed in with a high-profile prescription on the cover of

Three Charts That Show Obama Isn't to Blame for Detroit's Bankruptcy
July 24, 2013

President Obama has spent a lot of time talking about his rescue of the auto industry.

Detroit's Art is Worth More In the Museum than Out
July 22, 2013

When rumors that the Detroit Institute of Art (DIA) might sell its treasured paintings to balance the city’s ledgers first surfaced in May, I wrote a defense of the museum on cultural grounds.

The Four Dumb Things People Are Saying About Detroit
July 19, 2013

As if the news that a major American city is headed into bankruptcy isn’t bad enough, we now also must contend with an inevitable byproduct: inane, ungrounded commentary on Detroit’s decline.

The Decline of Detroit in Five Maps
July 18, 2013

Detroit was once the nation’s fourth most-populous city. Today, it became the largest American city to file for bankruptcy.

In Defense of Crumbling Museums
June 13, 2013

Why Detroit should keep its art.

Takeover Fever
May 01, 2013

Across America, states are taking over cities and school boards. Does it make a difference?

Detroit's Least Bad Option
March 14, 2013

It's hard not to feel like a failure. Detroit, my home since 2007, will soon be taken over by an emergency financial manager, hand picked by Michigan Governor Rick Snyder.

Rick Snyder, Michigan’s Reluctant Union-Buster
December 07, 2012

Yes, the seat of the United Auto Workers is about to become right-to-work, thanks to the governor who said he had no interest in doing so.