The Genius Of The "Bailout Bill" Charge
April 30, 2010

Like the "death panel" charge, the accusation that financial reform is a "bailout bill" favored by Wall Street has an ingenious resilience. The truth is that governments will bail out financial firms if those firms are threatened with a failure that poses systemic risks. On top of that, you can't stop bailouts.

Republicans About To Cave On Financial Reform?
April 23, 2010

This, from the Wall Street Journal, doesn't sound like a party that's about to hold the line: Nerves appeared to be fraying among Republicans faced with the increasingly unappetizing prospect of opposing new curbs on Wall Street. At a contentious meeting of GOP senators Wednesday, some expressed concern about Mr. Shelby's talks with Mr. Dodd. According to people familiar with the meeting, Arizona Sen.

A Trap of Their Own Design
January 20, 2010

At this stage in the electoral cycle, Democrats should be running hard against big banks and their consequences. Some roots of our current economic difficulties lie in the Clinton 1990s, but the real origins can be traced to the financial deregulation at the heart of the Reagan Revolution--and all the underlying problems became much worse in eight years of George W.

Taming the Fed, Intelligently
November 11, 2009

The Chris Dodd proposal that has regulators and the Hill in an uproar (to say nothing of the banks) seems to contain the kernel of a very workable compromise.

What Hath Dodd Wrought?
July 08, 1967

The Creator “lifted His hand, and from it burst a fountain-spray of fire, a million stupendous suns, which clove the blackness . . . as they pierced the far frontiers of Space, until at last they were but as diamond nailheads sparkling under the domed vast roof of the universe.” The three archangels – Michael, Gabriel, and Satan – were impressed and thoughtful, according to Mark Twain in Letters from the Earth. Then the Creator made animals. The three archangels “were perplexed.

Fulbright on Camera
May 21, 1966

Because he is using his powers as chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to pressure President Johnson into a change of foreign policy, the name of Senator J. William Fulbright was dropped with a clang from the White House social list for six months, from last September until this March, when President Johnson apparently decided that wasn’t the way to influence an Arkansan. Fulbright’s response to the cease-fire took the form of three Christian A.

Setting Up the Scapegoat Who Will Be Blamed for Cuba?
March 13, 1961

For nearly 20 months a subcommittee of the Senate Committee on the Judiciary has been holding hearings, ostensibly on "the Communist threat to the United States through the Caribbean," presided over by James O. Eastland of Mississippi. He is assisted by Senators Dodd, Johnston of South Carolina, McClellan, Ervin, Hruska, Dirksen, Keating and Cotton. How many witnesses have been called has not been disclosed. The testimony of only a few has been released, and that has been edited before publication.