Ignore the Naysayers: Dodd-Frank Reforms Are Finally Paying Off
July 22, 2014

This past year has seen four major wins on financial reform.

The SEC Has Revealed Astounding Corruption in Private Equity
And, for once, the commission is not letting them get away with it
May 12, 2014

And, for once, the SEC is not letting them get away with it.

Washington Has Not Defeated Wall Street. Yet.
Here are four remaining fights
January 23, 2014

There are at least four major issues in financial reform that still need to be addressed.

The Question at the Heart of the Democratic Schism
Should the burden of proof be on reformers—or on vested interests?
December 15, 2013

No one quite knows how to define "populism." Which is good news for vested interests who want to attack reform.

Congress Is Starving the Agency That's Supposed to Prevent Another Meltdown
November 07, 2013

Bart Chilton, the colorful, mullet-sporting member of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), resigned this week, after casting a final vote to set position limits, which would regulate the number of commodity trades individual speculators c

The New Larry Summers Sure Looks Like the Old Larry Summers
The flabby thinking behind Obama's possible Fed nomination
July 25, 2013

For Fed chair, Obama could pick a woman who fought the good fight. Or he could pick an abrasive insider whose record is decidedly mixed.

A Wasted Crisis?
Why the Democrats did so little to change Wall Street
July 12, 2013

Beyond the immediate emergency, the financial crisis of 2008 also set up a critical test of governing capacity: could Congress and the incoming Obama administration take advantage of the crisis, defy cynical expectations, and adopt effective legislation to restore financial stability and prevent another meltdown?

Why Conservatives Want to Break Up the Banks, Too
March 16, 2013

Why conservatives want to break up the banks, too.