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'Mad Men' Mondays: 'Tomorrowland'
October 15, 2010

Earlier this season, Dr. Faye Miller said two things to Don Draper that foretold the big event in "Tomorrowland," the fourth season finale of "Mad Men:" "You'll be married again in a year," and, "Nobody wants to think they're a type." She was right on both counts. Don Draper is engaged to Megan. Why? Because she's the Don Draper type. Faye was an accomplished, confident, autonomous, professional who prized her freedom. She loved Don and was willing to share parenting duties with him if it came to that, but not exclusively on Don's terms.

'Mad Men' Mondays: 'Public Relations'
July 26, 2010

This is the first in TNR’s weekly series of "Mad Men" episode recaps. Caution: It contains spoilers. “The world is so dark right now,” says Don Draper’s soon-to-be latest conquest in “Public Relations,” the first episode in Season Four of “Mad Men,” which premiered Sunday night. She’s talking about the change in the country’s mood, which was triggered by John F. Kennedy’s assassination (covered in Season Three’s penultimate episode, “The Grown Ups”). But she may as well be talking about the show itself.

Matters of Fact
October 24, 2009

Chris & Don: A Love Story (Zeitgeist) My Winnipeg (IFC) 19th Annual Human Rights Watch Film Festival   In 1964 Christopher Isherwood published A Single Man, a novel about a homosexual man and his state of spirit after his lover dies. Now comes Chris & Don, a documentary film about Isherwood's lover and his state of spirit since Chris's death. The subtitle of the film is "A Love Story." The picture makes the worn term fresh, moving. The principal place is the couple's home in Santa Monica, where Don Bachardy still lives.