Raise the Minimum Wage!
And make it higher than what Obama just proposed
February 12, 2013

Barack Obama was right to propose a minimum-wage hike in his State of the Union Address. But his $9 an hour target was too cheap. And new research throws cold water on the old assumption that higher minimum wages cost jobs. 

Paul Krugman vs. Joseph Stiglitz
How income inequality could be slowing our recovery from the Great Recession
January 30, 2013

Given today’s report of economic contraction, it’s worth tuning in to a recent debate between liberal economists Joseph Stiglitz and Paul Krugman.

Back from the Brink
Progressives have achieved the impossible: They balanced California's books
January 28, 2013

California's budget woes were supposed to be unsolvable. But a coalition of progressives has finally brought order to the state's books.

Fed Head—An Insider’s Take on the Financial Crisis
January 24, 2013

Alan S. Blinder is genuinely amazed at Americans' reactions to the government's financial crisis response—since the government's plans worked.

Accounted For: The Origins of Modern Finance
October 17, 2012

Rather than following the booms and busts, Gleeson-White presents the life and work of the “father of accounting,” Luca Pacioli.

Back to Mao?
July 26, 2012

The puzzle of the Bo Xilai case is how this thuggish plutocrat became so powerful in a country which, by Western stereotypes, is becoming prosperous a

Capitalism Is Regulation
July 05, 2012

Critics of Wall Street argue that the financial crisis proves that deregulation failed. The erstwhile defenders of financial deregulation are on the d

How Low Can We Go?
May 17, 2012

Daniel Gross celebrates the flexibility and the robustness of the American economy, arguing that it enjoys many hidden strengths, and will expand in t

Plastic People
February 07, 2012

Though today we think almost interchangeably of consumer, corporate, and government credit, Louis Hyman reminds us that credit used to mean, chiefly,

Rough Trade
June 07, 2011

In his new book, Douglas A. Irwin tells the fascinating story of how Congress stubbornly passed Smoot-Hawley, a bill that, as opponents noted at the t